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  1. Exbomz

    Altberg Army Boots Brown 10 Medium

    For sale are a pair of Brown Altberg Army boots, size 10 Medium. I bought these but quickly decided I needed a size 10 Wide so they are little used; they are nearly new. I only used these in the workshop whilst woodturning so the soles are near perfect. None of the faults I have listed below...
  2. Exbomz

    Montane, Rush 5.11 pack, Gransfor Bruks, Snugpak softie, Desert windproof, snow smock

    Items left are: OK ladies and gents, I’m having a clear out of high quality items that are just not wanted, required or used. With all items, cost includes postage and PP fees. First to post in thread secures. 1. Montane Extreme Smock – XXL (Size 48” chest). As new. I...
  3. Exbomz

    Ray Mears Woodlore Bushcraft Knife Blade Kit :)

    Don't know if anyone is interested in this. It is certainly a new angle on Woodlore knives - you just have to make it yourself. ;)
  4. Exbomz

    Alum - where can I get some?

    Help!!! :confused: Can anyone recommend anywhere I can get some Alum (Aluminium Sulphate)? I want to taw (like tanning) some deerskins and cannot find any suppliers. Cheers