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  1. rorymax

    Next tattoo suggestion

    As EdS said, if unsure then don't have one. Me, I would never have a tattoo, but if I ever did consider one then it would have to have a very special meaning or significance, if the tattoo is not 'special' to you then it's unlikely that you will ever really enjoy it or wear it with pride.
  2. rorymax

    Overnighter with the canoe

    One of many trips still to come Kit, keep posting the videos. :beerchug:
  3. rorymax

    Hello from Québec

    Welcome, nice to have you here, :). Hope you tell us all about all the exciting things that you enjoy in your home environment. rorymax
  4. rorymax

    Bordering on Insanity - A Brompton Adventure.

    Very enjoyable report on your trip Julia, thanks.
  5. rorymax

    Fire fox Test Pilot.

    Hi crosslandkelly, Eventually I resorted to a reset of firefox and the test pilot icon appeared in the toolbar. I did loose a few add-ons in the process, they could not have been that important as I do not recall what they all were :o Cheers for your help. rorymax
  6. rorymax

    Confident Lady & Crocodiles

    She has my respect :cool:
  7. rorymax

    Fire fox Test Pilot.

    Laptop, crosslandkelly. rorymax
  8. rorymax

    Fire fox Test Pilot.

    Thanks crosslandkelly, I'm using Firefox browser, what is Mozilla toolbar, is this an add on I should install to Firefox browser. I'm sure I am missing some fundamentals here (whats-new :o), any help appreciated. Cheers rorymax
  9. rorymax

    Fire fox Test Pilot.

    I signed up to Test Pilot, and tried out some add-ons. What I find annoying is that if I want to go into Test Pilot is that I have to sign up each time as if I had not already registered as a test pilot. There is no short-cut button\icon installed on the Firefox toolbar, and I cannot find out...
  10. rorymax

    Time lapse of us setting up our camp and enjoying the fire

    Nice one Kit, looks like you a great group there.
  11. rorymax

    Budget knife

    I posted this in "What did you buy today" section. It is cheap, it is not tat, bulkier handle than the Mora, and it is the heavy duty GK version, should do exactly what you have described you want it to do. Check out online reviews. Hultafors GK, not very pretty to look at but a heavy duty...
  12. rorymax

    Log splitting on camp - cheap but decent axe? Just search for axe, a few options available.
  13. rorymax

    What did you buy today?

    Hultafors GK, not very pretty to look at but a heavy duty knife for £5.26 including sheath and postage. I'm pleased with it.
  14. rorymax

    What Car Is This?

    What he said.
  15. rorymax

    Trangia Spirit Burner fuel

    Oops, sorry, my bad. It was as Drain Bamaged said, Home Bargains that were selling the Methylated spirit at 99p for a 500ml. (Not B&M Stores). :o
  16. rorymax

    Trangia Spirit Burner fuel

  17. rorymax

    Trangia Spirit Burner fuel

    Methylated spirit from B&M Stores, hope they still have it in stock for you, t'was very cheap there. Also good imho, "Hacienda" fireplace fuel from B&Q.
  18. rorymax

    mystery parang

    As with C_Claycomb, it does look more like rattan than bamboo, a close up picture of the handle would be nice. How is the handle to the touch, bamboo has little if any 'give', whereas rattan will indent with finger nail pressure.
  19. rorymax

    Tent advice Berghaus Vs. Jack Wolfskin

    Yes, the Taurus is a very robust tent and can take pretty hard weather, the Odysee has an extra pole and designed for more severe conditions than the Taurus, Vaude formerly advertised it as a 3 season plus tent, it didn't make the 4 season status by Vaude's standards, both are easy to pitch and...