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  1. Oliver G

    DC4 Sharpening Stone

    Morning All, I'd just thought I'd let you know that the DC4 sharpening stones now have the inside of the leather on the back of the case as the outside. Evidently someone picked up on people turning the cases inside out to use as a leather strop and have manufactured them to be so. Seems to be...
  2. Oliver G

    Fireside Cooking

    Good Morning All, Thought I'd share a recipe plan with you. We had a course for scout leaders last weekend with a bit of a cooking competition, here's what our team did: Main course: Pasta carbonara with Chorizo Side: Garlic and rosemary bread rolls Desert: Apple and cinnamon crumble with...
  3. Oliver G

    Pouch Inserts

    Good Afternoon All, Just looking to be pointed in the right direction. I've recently picked up a Canon Powershot SX510 from a member of this forum and it's a cracking camera. I took it out for a spin last night mostly using the neck strap to carry it. Normally when I'm bimbling around the...
  4. Oliver G

    USGI Canteen Cup Stand/Stove

    Does anyone know where to get a USGI Canteen cup Stove/Stand, or indeed has one to swap? The Canteen and cup fit nicely in my smock pocket but it's always a bit frustrating finding two stick suitable to standing the cup on to brew up. Cheers, Ollie
  5. Oliver G

    Transporting Knives - Foam Inserts

    Good Morning All, Just tapping into the collective wisdom, I've treated myself to a midi size ammo can primarily for the purpose of collecting the scouts knives before a hike and handing them back out once we get to camp. What I don't want to do is get any of them scratched in transit so I...
  6. Oliver G

    Sold Webley Hurricane .22

    Good Morning All, I'm having a bit of a clear out and have this Webley Hurricane up for grabs. It's all in good working order and is quite a fun plinker which is surprisingly accurate. Comes with: DPM pistol holster, Tin of pellets, .22 pull through (Boresnake) £90 all in. Please don't be...
  7. Oliver G

    Mental backflips

    I was bimbling around the woods with my dog last week and I was getting eaten alive by the midges. My immediate thought was well I've got some bug repellent in my possibles pouch but I can't use that as that's the pouch for emergencies. I realised at the that I've been carrying all my useful...
  8. Oliver G

    Bulk Buys for Scouts

    Good Afternoon All, We started back up with scouts last night with some new guys coming up to explorers and when we asked what they wanted to do a lot of them showed interest in a survival type weekend. As a unit we have tarps and doss bags up the wazoo but we're limited on knives and small...
  9. Oliver G

    Getting snaps of Roe Deer

    Good Afternoon All, During my afternoon dog walks, I often let the dog set the route and just follow behind, this usually results in me following animal trails around the woods and seeing what we find along the way. I've spotted quite a few deer in the woods and there's three spots that look to...
  10. Oliver G

    Bow Saw Tension

    Good Afternoon All, Quick question for the hive mind, and I'm sure I will get a plethora of different responses but, how does one check for the correct tension on a bow saw? For context I've treated myself to a 24" Bahco bow saw that has the typical screw tensioner, I'm guessing it's slightly...
  11. Oliver G

    Missing a trick with belts?

    I've finally worn out my day to day belt and figured it's time to get another one. I ordered a rolson belt from Amazon for a whole £8, turns out I misread the sizing and it was far to big for my normal belt loops. Rather than faffing about returning it I figured I'll use it for it's intended...
  12. Oliver G


    Good Afternoon All, I've been pondering the idea of a backed (fronted?) burnouse for a while now, and the uses of it particularly in winter. I want thinking of putting one together using an old 58 poncho and woollen blankets either stitched together or joined by poppers at the front and back of...
  13. Oliver G

    Time to get legless

    Good Afternoon All, I've just received the dinky little Petromax FT1 that I bought from Knives and tools and was surprised to see that it came with legs, I called the company up and they were just as surprised as me as I ordered a flat bottomed one and they don't even stock the legged version...
  14. Oliver G

    Carrying a bow

    Good Afternoon All, I'm hoping to tap into the hive mind here. I've recently picked up a takedown bow which is great. I can set up a little range where I normally go camping, but the issue is getting the bow there safely. I'm currently using the 45 litre bergan with rocket pouches on, does...
  15. Oliver G

    Dairy Free Cheese Fondue

    Good Afternoon All, I treated myself to a little FT1 dutch oven which should arrive soon. I plan on doing a fondue with a couple of mates while we're out but I want to do a quick trial at home just to check out the dutch oven more than anything else, At home we're gluten and dairy free, has...
  16. Oliver G

    Wanted - Under Blanket

    Good Afternoon All, I'm looking to move up from the ground to hammocking. Does anyone have an under blanket suitable for a DD camping hammock? I've got a British Army Bivvy Bag and Basha that I'm willing to swap, both in a used condition but work perfectly fine. Cheers, Ollie
  17. Oliver G

    MOD Modifications

    Good Afternoon All, I've been told by the other half that I need to take myself and the dog out of the way this weekend while she paints the bathroom, so my plan is to take the dog for a nice run in the morning and then we can chill in the basement (she likes the cold floor). Now i have all my...
  18. Oliver G

    The Humble Sandbag

    I went out this weekend with my little brother in law, he's not got much in the way of kit so I loaded him up with my spare kit, he gave me a rather quizzical look when I handed him a sandbag. Now sandbags are something I've carried since I was young and got chewed out for not having one on my...
  19. Oliver G

    Insulative properties of bark and funnels

    Good Morning All, I've been mulling over a particular problem which is how to easily fill a water bag from the billy can without spilling water everywhere. I have a sea to summit bag tap type affair (Think MSR dromedary) and the orifice is about an inch and a half which combined with a 14cm...
  20. Oliver G

    Lixada and Trangia

    Good Afternoon All, I treated myself to a trangia meths burner for my next trip, I plan on using home dehydrated food so I wanted a long slow cook. My current set up is one of the large Lixada wood burning boxes and a 14cm billy can and a crusader set for quick brews. So my question is this...