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  1. naefearjustbeer

    New Heat treatment for steel!

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post but this is something I stumbled upon and thought that it may of interest to the metal workers that frequent this forum.
  2. naefearjustbeer

    A strange thing happened.

    On Saturday evening I took my kids to a Halloween party at a fairly remote country village hall. At one point in the evening I had to pop out to the car to get something. So here I am in the dark in a quiet car park when a car 3 along starts sounding its alarm which obviously spooked an owl in...
  3. naefearjustbeer

    My first attempt at a firesteel sheath

    Nothing fancy but just spent the evening making this! Trickier than I though it would be. The stitching is fairly even on the front but all to hell on the back so you dont get to see that side ;)
  4. naefearjustbeer

    Seagull Outboard Shear Spring

    Having a clear out in my garage and I found a brand new unused seagull outboard propeller shear spring. I no longer have a seagull outboard so if anyone wants it drop me a PM. I am sure I would of paid £5-10 for it so open to offers for any small items. eg something that will fit on a...
  5. naefearjustbeer

    Winter Car Kit

    Now that snow has been falling I am starting to think about what to put in the boot of the car for my trips to the mountains to go skiing and snowboarding. I normally pack a shovel, some old carpet for traction, rock salt, water and loads of snack food. As we quite often set off at 5am to head...
  6. naefearjustbeer

    Leather working basics

    I have made myself a knife and now I want to make a leather sheath for it. I have been searching without much joy on youtube for some decent video tutorials in how to wetform a sheath and stitch it up. I have spent quite a while watching videos that are not really informative or of poor skills...
  7. naefearjustbeer

    Crusader or US military canteen cooking system

    I am looking for some sort of easy to carry cook set for day use. And have spotted the 2 systems below. I like the idea that they are both designed to stack with the water bottle minimising space used. I would like some opinions of the pros and cons of such systems. Have any of you got one or...
  8. naefearjustbeer

    Webbing bits n pieces

    I have some webbing that I dont use, I purchased on ebay on a spur of the moment years ago and now find that it is surplus to requirement. I think it is 58 pattern and it is obviously used but still very serviceable. The 2 pouches on the back appear to have clips missing so are tied on with para...
  9. naefearjustbeer

    Hello from sunny Caithness

    Hi my name is Donnie and I have been a lurker for a short while I live up on the far North coast of Scotland and have enjoyed wild camping, camp site camping and motorbike camping for many years. I would like to learn how to maximise my fun and minimize my carry and my impact when I go out and...