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  1. Jinsin456

    Uncle Alberts big Send off

    Just to let everyone know this meet is still going ahead. I should be there roughly 3pm but there are others arriving earlier. Everyone more than welcome to come :)
  2. Jinsin456

    Uncle Alberts big Send off

    Right guys we need another meet. How does Glentrool 21st - 23rd March suit everyone?
  3. Jinsin456

    Glencoe meet

    Now I'm scared!! Better warn the girl this one's gonna be a bit nuts :lmao:
  4. Jinsin456

    Advise on DSLR.

    I bought a 600D at the start of last year and then upgraded to a 60D in September. The 60D feels so much better than the 600, not dramatic difference in image quality as it is the same sensor fundamentally but it's just so much nicer to use. Think the high ISO noise reduction is slightly better...
  5. Jinsin456

    Any night shift workers on here?

    I used to work them in blocks of 2 weeks every 6 weeks as part of a rotating shift pattern. I'm gonna be a sadist here and say I loved nightshift, although the trade off is I am NOT a morning person and I now work constant early shift :( Don't really have many tips as I did like it. One thing...
  6. Jinsin456

    Glencoe meet

    Need to look out the bow ties and the fine china for this meet methinks, sounds very upper class. 'Is that brandy kind sir?' 'No it's a vintage 2012 Jack Daniels kind chap....' .....And downhill all the way from there!
  7. Jinsin456

    Glencoe meet

    I'm in!! Glencoe won't know what's hit it when the two of us pretty guys show up at once, Ayrshire can handle it.... just!!
  8. Jinsin456

    Alpkit Gamma or Manta

    I have had the Gamma and tbh I prefer the Manta, it seems brighter and you can also focus the beam. The one thing I really like though is that it can comfortably be worn around the neck when not being used so it doesn't get lost, I actually slept with mine on last weekend :lmao:
  9. Jinsin456

    Heads Up Cheap Craghoppers Gear

    M and M direct are doing a good sale of Craghoppers, I just got fleece lined trousers for £20 and a micro fleece for £10 :) They're also advertising discount code HD30 for free delivery. No connections to company etc etc was just a random find :D
  10. Jinsin456

    Best Trip of 2013

    With the end of the year coming I felt like this would be a good time to start a thread that I think I started in 2011 and forgot about last year (Hence being early this year :lmao:) What has everyone's best trip of 2013 been? I would have to say that my best would have to be finally...
  11. Jinsin456

    week wild camping and paddling on Loch Shiel

    Great pics guys looked an awesome trip. ps. I think you should paint your canoe battleship grey Col and that way you can regale us with more naval stories on a more apt craft :lmao:
  12. Jinsin456

    Need Help with Boots

    Right I'm having a major dilemma, I need new walking boots and I don't know what to get :-/ I want them for probably hiking when hiking trainers aren't really appropriate so must be waterproof and possibly insulated. Plan to do some hills and backpacking so must be comfortable. In a nutshell I...
  13. Jinsin456


    What you're neding Tam is a smashing christmas jumper with reindeer and Sammi patterns galore :lmao:
  14. Jinsin456

    Lightweight food

    Genius idea Mary :) My future backpacking meals are now sorted :D
  15. Jinsin456

    Lightweight food

    I love Totellini (Sp?) as a lightweight main meal. Boil in water for 3 mins and I find it a more substantial and filling food than most other things. It can also be covered in a tub of sauce but then this adds a bit of weight so not really adequate for the OP. Can still be nice on its own...
  16. Jinsin456

    How tough are Scotsmen?

    It has to be said Irn Bru is the drink of the Gods. And nothing beats a pizza crunch with chips and a side of Curries Red Kola, perfection in a sentence.
  17. Jinsin456

    Arran Overnighter

    Going to call this one off, there's not enough people who can make it to justify going. Will hopefully arange it when more people are free :)
  18. Jinsin456

    October entries for BCUK Photograph 2013 competition

    I'll go for this one, tea by the flames :)
  19. Jinsin456

    Dont batton with your knife

    I feel like I should have before posting now :-/ will watch it later when I'm home :)
  20. Jinsin456

    Dont batton with your knife

    Can;t watch the videos as I'm at work but I baton with my knife all the time. Usually only the smaller stuff as I find you can be more precise and use a LOT less effort when splitting down kindling. That being said and I think it's been mentioned on here already, I would tend to steer away from...