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  1. Keith_Beef

    Looking for compass recommendations

    I'm on the lookout for a compass for orienteering, and from looking at websites' "five best orienteering compasses", and looking at prices, I'm hesitating between a Suunto MC-2 and a Silva Ranger SL. Any opinions on these two, or suggestions for something else up to about €40?
  2. Keith_Beef

    What's this fish?

    This photo came up on another forum I frequent, with a call for help in identifying this fish, found washed up on a beach in South Wales.. That's a size 5 boot next to the very dead fish. Any ideas what species it might be?
  3. Keith_Beef

    Looking for a rucksack, around 35L.

    Back in , I bought a second-hand, but like new, Maxpedition Vulture II. It's served me well as a day sack, mostly for hauling groceries as I come home from work. But it is coming apart where the hip belt and bottom of the shoulder strap attach to the body, at the right hand side. I suppose that...
  4. Keith_Beef

    Search not working as expected

    I've been trying to find a post mentioning "Okänd soldat", and keep getting the message "The search could not be completed. Please try again later." Thinking that the "ä" character might have been the problem, and knowing that the term "round turn and two half hitches" has appeared in a recent...
  5. Keith_Beef

    Another mystery plant...

    I'm certain that I've seen this plant before, and was struck by its strangeness... It's about calf-high (that's the calf of my leg, not a young bovine). These are crappy pictures taken with my phone, walking home from the station tonight. I'll see if I can get some better pictures with a...
  6. Keith_Beef

    Mystery grass / grain

    I noticed these plants growing along the footpath between my home and town when I got back from holiday. Here is one example of the plant; it looks like a grass or grain of some sort. This is the tallest of them, about knee height. A couple of closer views of the seeds I took off a few of...
  7. Keith_Beef

    Hover fly and bee on passion flower

    Snapped in the garden this afternoon: a hover fly and a bee. There's also another insect in the first couple of pictures. I didn't notice it while taking them, and I don't know what it is.
  8. Keith_Beef

    Website for translating cuts of meat

    I was checking the translation of the Danish word "mørbrad", and stumbled across a wonderfully useful website.
  9. Keith_Beef

    Kephart, how to pronounce his name...

    I'm going out to Brittany this weekend for a two day blacksmithing and bladesmithing course. One of the projects I'm going to have a go at is to make the blade for bushcraft knife inspired by the Horace Kephart knives of old. That got me thinking about how to pronounce his name, since I'm going...
  10. Keith_Beef

    Looking for advice on sewing Cordura

    After trying for hours, I've decided that ordinary compression sacks are just not going to work with the quilt I intend taking on a trip later this year. I can just about get it into my biggest Granite Gear 23litre sack, but it makes it an ungainly shape for putting into my rucksack. So I'm...
  11. Keith_Beef

    Question about PLCE.

    I've been trying to understand how PLCE (Personal Load Carrying Equipment) works. There are mentions, here and there of using the side pouches (each 10L capacity, I think) from a bergen fitted to a yoke, as a day pack.... Does the bergen come with its own shoulder straps and hip belt, or does...
  12. Keith_Beef

    Help me choose a 4-man tent...

    I've been looking for a 4-man tent for a while, and right now have the chance of the Mountain Hardware Shifter 4 (at about €140) or the Fjord Nansen Andy IV (at about €113). I know a little bit about Mountain Hardware, and seen the clothing "in the flesh", and it seems to be quality stuff...
  13. Keith_Beef

    What's this plant?

    I spotted this under the apple tree at the bottom of the garden last week. Walking back home the evening before last, I saw loads more in the grass, but didn't see them the next morning. They were there again though tonight. So I reckon that the flowers close during the night time, and only open...
  14. Keith_Beef

    Edgematters unavailable, expired certificate

    Hmm... In the past, I've been able to add a temporary exception to allow Firefox to connect to a site with an invalid certificate, but not today.
  15. Keith_Beef

    Portable Solar Panels: any experts here?

    I have a Goal Zero 19006 Guide that I've used a few times since I bought it for $90 in 2012, and I've been quite pleased with it. But that was back in 2012... I wonder what the current generation of panels are like. There's not been much discussion of portable solar panels on here; I can find...
  16. Keith_Beef

    Improvised shelter

    This is my letterbox. Nothing unusual you might think, but it lets in the rain, and so the previous owners had put some gravel and small stones in the bottom, so that the letters would be resting on dry(ish) stones, rather in a puddle. And this is the back of the letterbox. Now, a couple of...
  17. Keith_Beef

    Long tailed tits, great spotted woodpecker and a starling

    Yesterday, I was playing with the camera I got a few days ago, with lenses from my old 35mm film camera (Canon 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6, Tamron 80-210mm f/4.5-5.6, Bower 500mm catadioptric manual focus and fixed aperture) on it, to see how it would do. The colours look pale and washed out; maybe the...
  18. Keith_Beef

    Magic technique for finding lost kit

    A while ago, my Emberlit stove disappeared, as I wrote in another thread. At the same time as looking for that stove, I was looking for my tent, a three-man dome tent that I bought from Decathlon years ago, but which is still in excellent condition. I looked where it should have been. I...
  19. Keith_Beef

    Windfall Hazelnuts

    I was picking up chips that had flown off the wood I had split last weekend, when I noticed just how many hazelnuts were on the ground under the hazel tree. I picked one up, checked the shell for holes and, finding none, cracked it between my teeth; to my, I surprise found a nice, big, juicy...
  20. Keith_Beef

    Stubai gouges for making a kuksa

    I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time, and I'm looking at gouges suitable for making kuksat in a few different sizes. Ideally, I'd get a tool that can also make ladles, spoons and bowls, as well. I don't want to go all out on really expensive tools straight away, so just two or...