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  1. Nomad666

    mineral oil on wooden spoons?!

    just beeswax everything you own and your good to go...
  2. Nomad666

    Suitable magnifying glass for fire starting?

    X2 on using as dark a tinder as you can find.. Charred wood/charcoal bits from a campfire works well or the standard char cloth once glowing red I like to use dry grass to get a flame going...
  3. Nomad666

    Suitable magnifying glass for fire starting?

    I find they work just as good as any lens does maybe even better I use a sheet 8x11 inches and it really works like crazy I have some as small as credit card size and they also work great... they are so thin you can always find someplace to slip it in the large ones I have at the back of my...
  4. Nomad666

    Suitable magnifying glass for fire starting?

    Get a Fresnel lens cheep/light weight/large and small or cut down a large one to fit size wise where you want...
  5. Nomad666

    Gorse / Dandelion Wine ( Semi drinkable libations. )

    Rhubarb wine is on my list of things to try this coming year. Making wine is a fun project I make small batches from 2 Liters to 2 Gal for test runs once I find something that works/tastes good then its 5 gal batches my apple wine is awesome but the best ever was blackberry wine all out now but...
  6. Nomad666

    Candle making

    I guess one could even make a mold by splitting a bit of wood and hollowing it out put it back together ‎tying it up and put in wick and then melted wax I may give that a go right now I am using one of those tea candles for emergency fire starting and to wax thread for field repairs..
  7. Nomad666

    Bushcraft diary

    On my 7th notebook/journal goes like this things I want to do, things I am doing, things I have done, well thats pretty much it... And yes I have gone back to look things up the memory is not as sharp as it once was after 60 years of this bushcraft stuff... Still find it interesting always...
  8. Nomad666

    Candle making

    I intend on making some birch and pine tar this summer this adding it to home made candles sounds great thanks for the idea...
  9. Nomad666

    Survival Skills without camping?

    Well like anything if you dont get out their and practice the skills you are going to be in a real world of hurt when the time comes for real dont be one of the sheople is all I can tell you...
  10. Nomad666

    Killing Ticks on Clothes - tumble dryer

    Permethrin spray is the only way I know that kills tic's
  11. Nomad666

    Removing Baked Soot from Stainless Steel

    if it bothers you that much throw it out and get a new one after every use.... Really!!!! is this an ADHD thing or is this a millennial living in a sterilized bubble thing? I just want to know is all...
  12. Nomad666

    Spoon Auger

    getting one made for you is about the only way to acquire one I think I have never seen one have been looking for one for ages..
  13. Nomad666

    Looking for veg ray mears cooked and put on bread

    found it 27.13 into vid
  14. Nomad666

    Looking for veg ray mears cooked and put on bread

    OK im going bug eyed watching vids trying to find the recipe/Vid of where he cooked a bunch of veggies and put them on bread anyone know or have a link to the youtube vid I want to give it a go for myself.
  15. Nomad666

    What's your favourite compass?

    OH Please let me know why one would need a compass living in the UK or the EU hell you just need to walk for 15 min and your at a pub and that was 40 years ago now.. Now in the middle of nowhere that's anyplace out of the UK or EU and you have seen a map of the area your going too you can then...
  16. Nomad666

    Comparing Cooking Fuels

    x2 janne __________________________________ Nomad Survival Community
  17. Nomad666

    Fillboll a bowl scraper what did it look like?

    Now those look like useful items that may be what they looked like thanks crosslandkelly
  18. Nomad666

    Fillboll a bowl scraper what did it look like?

    Sorry I think things have been a bit construed my bad for poor explanation. it was for scraping out the inside of a large bowl of food scraps much like a spatula is used today to scrape out lets say sauces and such out of the bowl...
  19. Nomad666

    Fillboll a bowl scraper what did it look like?

    Something like the item in the second link in wood? I think but is that what they looked like/used in the 1500's that is what I am having troubles pinning down. I have seen someones rendition of what they thought it was but it was like a bent stick that fit the inside curve of a large bowl now...
  20. Nomad666

    Fillboll a bowl scraper what did it look like?

    I am trying to find out what a Fillboll looks like from the 1500's time period all I know is that it was used as a bowl scraper back then I just wanted to see if anyone on your side of the pond knows what one looks like or the design of it just something I want to find out is all thanks in...