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  1. J

    Spotting an official British Army Basha

    I'm trying to get an army basha but there seem to be a load of clones about. Can anyone tell me how many official versions there are and how to tell them apart? The thing I'm specifically after is the fact that the sides have fabric running their length which means you can peg it out tight...
  2. J

    High wind tarp setups

    I've posted before about peoples fave tarp setups but after a weekend on the side of a mountain in a proper gale I'm wondering what peoples advice is for tarping it when its windy. I was using a DD tarp which I'm going to swap for the 260cm x 210cm army one with the fabric strips round the...
  3. J

    Cleaning an ex-army bivi bag

    I have an ex-army bivi bag coming and I'm wondering how best to clean it? It's second hand so I'd like to give it a once over before I clamber into it.
  4. J

    Interesting BBQ Ideas

    I know it's not really bushcraft but the beautiful British BBQ is a great way to get non-outdoors types at least as far as the back garden. I'm a bit bored of burgers and sausages so has anyone any awesome ideas on something a bit different?
  5. J

    Spit Roasting - The results!

    So we finally got around to trying spit roasting with, as expected, mixed results :) We spatchcocked 2 and kept one whole and didn't pre-cook any of them. After some considerable monkeying around we realised that we didn't have the time to come up with a suitable system to cook the spatchcocked...
  6. J

    Boiling a Chicken

    The post on spit roasting suggested spatchcocking / boiling the chicken as it was safer and easier. Seems like a plan but it has raised more questions than answers :D Firstly, do I spatchcock first then boil or spatchcock after boiling Most importantly, how do I know when it'd been fully...
  7. J


    I came across this link today: It's all about how Leona Lewis plants a free every time she flies somewhere. I'm not having a pop at her personally but it did make me think about how people in the press...
  8. J

    Spit Roasting

    And now for my next trick :D I'd like to spit roast a chicken! I'm camping at the weekend with the kids and I want to spit roast a chicken over an open fire. They'd think it was a bit cool and old worldy and will hopefully interest them a bit in the outdoors. I've no real idea where to...
  9. J

    First Solo Trip

    I finally managed my first solo trip. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected - I really thought I'd be uncomfortable in the woods on my own but I was actually alright. Obviously every time there was a sound I switched off the torch and listened but other than that I was fine. I just took a...
  10. J

    Best way to setup a tarp

    I know this gets discussed to death but I'm always interested in how people set their tarps up. So lets say you have a 3x3 tarp (so a little large for some convenient configs), plenty of guyline and 2 walking poles but no trees! - what way would you set yours up. I'm a fan of the this sort of...
  11. J

    Hobo Stoves for low wood situations

    I find myself regularly camping where there is no burnable material and I've been wondering if there was a fuel of some sort that would burn for a while in a hobo stove for (friendly heat and light rather than cooking) that I could carry? Basically, is there a long burning but light substance...
  12. J

    Newbie DSLR

    I finally took the plunge and upgraded from a compact to a Nikon D3000 DSLR. I've ordered a book on how to use it as I've absolutely no experience of the technics of using one - obviously I don't just want to stick it in auto / p / s / a and click away - I'd rather understand what I was doing...
  13. J

    Fire Laying

    Does anyone have a good link to websites with examples of fire laying. Theres a good one at but it has no pictures.
  14. J

    Northern Ireland Digital OS Maps

    The OSNI has finally made its digital maps available and they can be bought from Quo and Memory Map. I have bought the Quo version which...
  15. J

    Poncho Tarps

    I've heard alot of chatter about Poncho Tarps lately. Are they any good? They seem light and multi-purpose but are they actually comparable to a normal tarp. I always assumed they'd be a bit small and that the guy attachment points might not be up to much.
  16. J

    Shelter Building

    One of the forests that I visit the most doesn't tend to have too many "spar" type bits of wood lying about for building shelters - most of the wood long and light enough for a shelter tends to have been hoovered up and burned. Are there any ways of building a shelter high enough for a few...
  17. J

    Book Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend general interest bushcraft books? I have Ray Mears - Essential Bushcraft which was quite good but I'd like something not by Uncle Ray. Anything that does the broad spectrum of campcraft like shelters/firelighting/cooking etc would be fine. Cheers
  18. J

    Knife Making Kits

    Can anyone recommend reasonably priced knife making kits? I'm after one for an Xmas pressie.
  19. J

    Hbob Stove - Technical Design

    I have a few hobo stoves made from Ikea Cuttlery drainers with a section cutout at the bottom for fueling. I've had mixed results - I think type, size and dryness of wood makes a big difference. However, as I read more about it, the "Classic" design seems to be a paint tin with 3 holes at the...
  20. J

    Trangia Burner in a Hobo Stove

    I have a typical hobo stove make from an Ikea cutlery drainer. I'd like to take some meths and a trangia burner for backup / ease. Can anyone think of a safe and lightweight way to raise the burner high enough up the hobo to warm a pot sitting on top?