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  1. bikebum1975


    Decided to try out my Swedish army svea alcohol stove with my mors pot and a small fry pan to do a little baking. Was an add water only muffin mix took I'd guess maybe 3 to 4 ounces of alcohol to fully bake it tough time estimate bout 20 minutes. Came out really good to. Let's see any ways that...
  2. bikebum1975

    Cutting board and kuksa

    Been a while since I posted anything project wise. Working on a black cherry cutting board and a cherry kuksa. The kuksa I'm basing the design on the enamel cup pictured.
  3. bikebum1975

    Barrel knives

    Wonder if anyone here has them or knows much info on them. I just acquired a little old one. Neat knife. I'll add some pics in a bit just gotta take a few.
  4. bikebum1975

    Give thanks

    Been talking with a couple friends since yesterday regarding this here is a poem I wrote. Seemed fitting to share here. Is called give thanks Those who harvest the forest Be it trees plants animals Give thanks to them Whether for art warmth or food they gave themselves to help us in some way...
  5. bikebum1975


    Had an idea a few weeks ago from a Facebook posting. This is my take on the idea. Anywho took a cookie sheet cut it down to the width and length of the Stanley pot made basically a mini pizza peel to slide it into the pot. Tried it out with some instant biscuit mix it worked very well. Took 20...
  6. bikebum1975

    Stanley pot mod

    Nothing super new here just moded my Stanley pot. Made the bail with some stainless safety wire I picked up at harbor freight. Just the small .79 cent roll. Cut a length used my visegrips to hold one end grabbed other with my leatherman gave a good nice tight twist did the same for the loop...
  7. bikebum1975

    New to alcohol stoves

    Alright fellas new to the world of alcohol stoves specifically the trangia types. I have a Swedish mess kit going to try and do a little baking with it this week has anyone been successful with it and any tips as to how long the fuel should last? According to the biscuit mix it should take...
  8. bikebum1975

    Swedish mess kit

    Landed a new mess kit don't have it just yet these are the pics he sent me. It's a Swedish set and not a trangia but a svea alcohol stove. Hoping to have it sometime by next weekend. This will be my first venture into the world of alcohol stoves to Anyone know how old it might be? Soon as I...
  9. bikebum1975

    Spoon carving challenge

    Well got an idea for a friendly challenge. No competition at all just a skills challenge. Work up a spoon with only one knife from start to finish. No special carving tools or spoon knives just see if you can do all the work with either a fixed blade or folding knife of your choice. I worked...
  10. bikebum1975

    Maple cooker

    This maple spoon is still super green but worked this up today. This morning it was a part of the log it's sitting on. Only used 3 tools my roselli axe for most of the work knife pictured and my deepwoodsventures spoon knife
  11. bikebum1975

    Tulip poplar

    Been a long winter without much carving yep I know I've posted a few pieces not as much carving as I'd like to have done. Got some fresh new wood to me first time using tulip poplar. Cuts like butter very nice subtle grain to it. Simple cook spoon
  12. bikebum1975

    Just a farmer

    Just worked up a little black walnut spoon with on tool today. Only thing used including to carve out the bowl my sak farmers large blade. Pretty much the way I got started in spoon carving using only an old sak several years ago. It's a fun way to carve without anything fancy. Just needs a bit...
  13. bikebum1975

    No spoon knife eh?

    This idea came from a good carving friend in England Jon Mac he's a hell of a talented wood carver and all around nice guy. Thought some here would find this of interest
  14. bikebum1975

    Woodsmoke and coffee

    Cold day before a pending snow storm. Decided to try out my Sierra zip wood stove I recently got a couple months back. Went bust trying flint and steel then again the charred material I was trying wasn't so good. Think it was just a bit cold out for it so said screw it used matches oh well. At...
  15. bikebum1975

    The last shovel maker

    Buddy sent this to me hell of an amazing talent,299
  16. bikebum1975

    Kuksa and cook spoon

    Black birch kuksa and new cook spoon also black birch
  17. bikebum1975

    Gsi espresso maker

    New coffee toy I just acquired through a trade. Only used regular coffee so far hey it's what I had. Damn if that wasn't one of the richest cups I've had. For using just regular maxwell house makes damn good high class cowboy brew and no worries on extra grit lol Gsi espresso maker has been on...
  18. bikebum1975

    Nother spoon

    Got some black walnut yesterday started as a small log this morning now this is where I'm at pre sanding stage. Just a simple classic cook spoon
  19. bikebum1975

    Black birch spoon

    Knocked this black birch eating and small camp sized cook spoon up today not finished yet but close. Can't find my personal spoon I carved a few years back so did a new one for me. This one was only knife for axe was just used for hewing it up
  20. bikebum1975

    Black cherry spoon

    New black cherry eating spoon just big enough to cook with also carved in a pot lifter. Also did some basic kolrosing with my custom knife a friend made for me those wondering the knife handle is Russian olive