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  1. JohnC

    Mystery item identification?

    I bought this for 50p at a vintage fair today.. Its plastic, no visible name or writing/marking. The top plate is scratched in a radial pattern. The knob at the bottom turns making the steel spines round the edge pop out or retract. When retracted the spines are flush with the edge. I think its...
  2. JohnC

    Having a go at cider making....

    We’ve a fair number of apples in the garden so we’re having a go at making some cider.. reading plenty and making notes as we go... Chopping up the washed apples in a stainless steel bucket, with janes cleaned up spade.. Mashing the chopped apples with a (clean)bit of wood...
  3. JohnC

    Day Out Firelighting at holyrood

    i had the opportunity to help the ranger team at holyrood park in Edinburgh again this year, theres a guided tour they do, meeting up with a druid, a hunter and a firelighter (me) from the iron age.. the ranger ties everything together about the history of the area.. Its a great chance to get...
  4. JohnC

    Trees felled at work

    theyre rebuilding and extending the Maggie’s centre at the hospital I work at and there are a couple of trees being taken down, so a quick call to jane to bring the at round after my shift.... The tree guys were more than happy for us to take what we wanted...
  5. JohnC

    Day Out West Highland Way: Highland Fling

    Not a regular day out ramble, but I'll be having a go at the Highland Fling Ultra Run between Milngavie and Tyndrum, running along the first part of the west highland way this Saturday 28th (along with a few hundred others). I've walked and canoed at Loch Lomond, but this'll be different! If...
  6. JohnC

    run in the pentlands

    we had good weather today so got into the pentlands for a run.. Still getting the hang of flickr so sorry if the photos are a bit odd very lucky that this area is right on the doorstep
  7. JohnC

    Wilkinson Sword Ray Mears Knife

    Hello, I'm selling this knife, used, light wear, some small nicks to the spine. The sheath has some scratches and wear. Over 18yo only please. £300 inc P&P. PayPal. Please PM.
  8. JohnC

    Looking for sponsors for the London Marathon 2017

    Posted with permission: Hello, I'm running the London marathon in April 2017. If anyone would like to consider donating, I'm using an e-giving page. Any donations (or training tips) gratefully received! I'm fundraising for BackCare (as a...
  9. JohnC

    3d models of artefacts the bbc had a link on the first (perhaps of many) 3d scans of skulls and items from the mary rose.. There are a few so far, some tools and items of the carpenter from the ship..
  10. JohnC

    helping at event in Holyrood Park

    Joe and I were up at Holyrood park helping at a small event there, the rangers at the station there do a guided walk round the park and there are a couple of people, in iron age togs they "come across". There was hunter over one side and we were doing fire lighting tucked away on the hillside...
  11. JohnC

    Endrick water to Inchconnachan (pic heavy)

    Just back from a trip out to Inchconnachan Island in Loch Lomond with my brother in law and some friends from Germany. We started of near Drymen at the Endrick water, it meanders down slowly to Balmaha on Loch Lomond... We camped on the south side of Inchconnachan, never saw any...
  12. JohnC

    Canoeing down part of the River Teith

    Today went with my brother in law to Callender and put the canoe in at the carpark there beside the River Teith, part of a recce for another trip later in the year. Stopping for lunch... Lunch, some arepas from corn meal... Saw some herons, plenty of other birds and deer... We...
  13. JohnC

    Celts at the National Museum.. This exhibition is starting up, (not bushcraft, but I know a lot of makers and others may like this)
  14. JohnC

    funghi pic ?scarlet cap

    Hello, saw this near Paisley at the weekend... bright colour in the (rainy) wood.. I think its a "scarlet cap"
  15. JohnC

    Knife type?

    I got this old knife to derust etc. Is it a specialised knife of some kind? The total blade is over 3" long and it has the 3/4" semicircle with a bevelled edge like it was for stripping something.. No visible makers mark that I can see.. Wooden handles.
  16. JohnC

    cleaning up an old saw...

    Posted elsewhere, but I thought it'd be ok here too as there was another thread on saws that got me moving on this.... I'd got this saw some time ago, not in too bad shape, but certainly blunt and dirty.. I had to do a bit of reading and googling to get info on resharpening the teeth...
  17. JohnC

    Advice on an old axe head for repair

    i got this old axe head some time back . I think it's been used as a wedge in the past... But I'd like to repair it and get it going again as a 2 handed axe.. The hole doesn't appear distorted, but the ?poll is split a bit.. I'd plan to grind this back (carefully)... Any thoughts or advice? Or...
  18. JohnC

    Mostly knives, clearout #1 of "stuff"

    I have these items for sale, PM to buy etc. Paypal for payment please.. It may take me a day or two to get things posted... Over 18's for knives please.. Prices include p&p (UK only please) #1 A sheath knife, bought many years ago, I have no knowledge of the maker (someone in Dunfermline in the...
  19. JohnC

    stained glass for a round window..

    we have a round window in the house next to the wood stove and I fancied trying some stained glass.. Its based on the wheel of the year, and as I didn't have big blocks of time, and am quite slow at glass cutting, it took the year to do it. I tried to keep to each panel being made around the...
  20. JohnC

    Aberlady, some pictures..

    We went for a short walk to the Aberlady Reserve, to the east of Edinburgh... Cold but nice walking, early sunset and the moon rising.. sea buckthorn dunes... on the beach footprints driftwood heading back over the bridge...