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  1. R.Lewis

    Tarp recommendations, 4 meter square (ish)

    Any good tarp recommendations? Need 4m minimum but not much bigger. Not a DD tarp, looking to upgrade from DD tarps as have had some long term issues with them and really want better/more tie outs in the middle. The present candidate is Tatonka tarp 1 in poly (love the cotton one but price is...
  2. R.Lewis

    Swedish style rucksack, total renovation!

    Swedish style backpack restoration. Got this pack from a car boot sale for three quid a few years ago. Was very tired looking, faded canvas and all the leather was totally dried out and of no use. Most of the leather ripped if you tried to use it! However I saw the potential as its a really nice...
  3. R.Lewis

    Ortlieb water bag tap mod.

    I have long used Ortlieb water bags, the one in pic is heavily used and over twenty years old. They are light, compact and extremely rugged. However the tap (shown in pics, on the left of new tap, black in colour) is not very user friendly, certainly not for small children! My DIY modification...
  4. R.Lewis


    So I am seriously thinking of doing the BushclassUSA courses. Looks like it could be fun. I know a lot of it already but some is just theory (like living out of your PSK for 24 hour) and I feel it would be great to actually do. I will likely have loads of time as am off work for a while so why...
  5. R.Lewis

    Canvas pack refurb, leather straps advice please!

    I am in the process of refurbishing an old canvas rucksack. All the leather needs redoing, I intend to use copper rivits and the original buckles. My question is, what thickness leather should I use? I have some 4mm thick 20mm strap but it seems far too thick. The old stuff was so dry it's hard...
  6. R.Lewis

    Not new, just not been on for too long...

    Been an age since I posted, hopefully try and post more for at least a bit! Not at work for a while so got more time and thinking gets to Bushcraft more! Roll on the Bushmoot and other camps!
  7. R.Lewis

    Swedish mess kit, STAINLESS steel only

    Anyone have a Stainless steel Swedish (trangia style) mess kit they do want? I only need the two pans..... Any condition and not stupid Ebay style prices... Lol.
  8. R.Lewis

    What to use Sheep fleece for?

    I have got a Ryland Sheep fleece. I intend to extract the Lanolin from it for waterproofing wool items. But the question is what shall I do with the fleece? I can get hold of loads more of these, this is just the first one.... Been thinking of making a spinning wheel, but wonder if any other ideas!
  9. R.Lewis

    Dry Areas at the Moot

    It seems that weather is predicted to go back to normal for 2012 next week, i.e. wet,wet,wet. We are taking our freshly Fabsil'd 'chute so can add that to dry areas for lessons if needed. Never hung one though so may need some pointers/help!!!! Just thought I'd add that if Mods are trying to...
  10. R.Lewis

    Leatherworking pt2! More sheaths!

    Ok, now the bug has got me. My latest creations. First up a sheath for my excellent Dave Budd laminated knife handled by me in Apple wood, Buffalo and nickle silver. This is my second sheath ever and as is for me made in my preferred dangler style hanger. I tried to make this one slim and...
  11. R.Lewis

    First Leatherwork projects! Sheath/Belt/Pouch/Gloves.

    So I been Working with Leather now... Its addictive. First thing ever is a simple redye of two pair's(Mine on left, SWMBO's on left, two sizes that they sell) of Wilkinsons gardening gloves. Were whitish leather, but soft, comfortable and pretty tough (cheap too at £5.98). Not very bushcraft...
  12. R.Lewis

    Leprovo 'Columbo sides'

    Anyone use the 'columbo' (2.8-3.2mm) sides from Leprovo? Are they any good? Thinking of getting one as I'm just starting in leatherworking.
  13. R.Lewis

    Handmade Bucksaw

    This weekends project was a Bucksaw. Made out of an old cot, so tenon already cut. Wood is I believe Beech. I ripped a grove up the uprights to act as a blade cover when folded. Folds up nice and compact and works great! Blade is 21inch long. Will make a carry system next. Top photo shows...
  14. R.Lewis

    Bushmoot, Pub trip anyone??

    Any members going for the duration interested in a trip to the nearest Pub on one of the camping days? It looks like an easyish walk, about a mile or so and goes past Ogmore castle after negotiating the stepping stones..... (way back could be fun after a few beers!) Could be a fun trip and a...
  15. R.Lewis

    2nd Knife handle, Another Budd blade!

    Here is my second ever knife handle. A little different from the first, if you didn't see it it was a simple Hawthorn handle. This is handled with a Nickel Silver bolster (made form scratch), Buffalo horn spacer and Apple wood from our garden. Blade is a Laminated (no idea what steel, Maybe Dave...
  16. R.Lewis

    Karrimor Sabre 30, Any good?

    Sure some peoples on here must have experience of the Sabre 30. So is it any good? I want a tough, versatile bag for EDC. To take stuff to and from work with occasional Bushcraft related stuff possibly. Its either something like this or really old school canvas that I shall mod the hell of!
  17. R.Lewis

    Good source for fibre pile??

    Does anyone know where to get a good fibre pile material from as used by Buffalo in the sleep bags etc? I have a very good project for some..... Cheers in advance.
  18. R.Lewis

    My Firesteel System design

    Had a go at making a handle for a Ferrocium rod that I bought of Ebay. Put a bit of thought into it an have came up with a firesteel complete with two stages of tinder handy. The rod is handled in well seasoned Hawthorn found in our local woods which is hand carved, sanded and treated with...
  19. R.Lewis

    Full member Moot arrival time?

    Hi, just wondered what time full members can turn up on site on the 4th? Trying to work out when to set of around little'uns sleep time!
  20. R.Lewis

    Finished Tomahawk mods.

    Got myself a Cold Steel Tomahawk recently to mod. Finally finished it today. Firstly I removed head of handle. Sawed about 5 inch of end of handle, sanded smooth up to 400 grit. Then very lightly stained with dark oak stain to highlight and age grain before fine sanding up to 1000 grit and...