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  1. R.Lewis

    Newbee from Cambridge

    I'm actually in Cambridgeshire.... Welcome to the group.
  2. R.Lewis

    Moot 2020 Is it or is it not

    We bought tickets a while ago. However we are not 100% if we'll make it to be honest.
  3. R.Lewis

    What's new in the barefoot shoe world?

    It's not just lightness or zero drop that appeals. Wide toe boxes that allow room for the toes to actually work is a major plus!
  4. R.Lewis

    What's new in the barefoot shoe world?

    Look on amazon and ebay, sometimes Vivobarefoots come up cheap there. I always check for sales, my last pair, Scott desert boots only cost me 55 quid in the end! Awesome boots, my fave out ot the 6 pairs of Vivos I have.
  5. R.Lewis

    For Sale Loden wool cloak

    Seriously nice. And I would be very keen on patterns, photos or even a look. Been thinking of making one for quite a while now...
  6. R.Lewis

    My Perfect Stove Kit.

    It's very similar to my setup. Made up around the same time too...
  7. R.Lewis

    Uses for baby milk tins

    Great for keeping screws etc in. Keeps damp out really well....
  8. R.Lewis

    for Sale

    Ryeland wool is excellent stuff. Queen Elizabeth the firsts favourite wool for stockings I heard. Got hold of some a few years ago and had some mits made... Still got one rough fleece in the shed.
  9. R.Lewis

    Packing ready...

    We are nearly done. Just clothes left. Still need to make my Sith lord cloak though. And to mess things up totally I'm off on a road trip to Bridgend to pick up a van I stupidly put a bid on Ebay and won!
  10. R.Lewis

    Site photos

    Has the track down to the pirate ship been improved, it really needs it?
  11. R.Lewis

    Packing ready...

    We are well and truly in packing mode. In fact I'm heading upstairs to sort some more stuff.
  12. R.Lewis

    Windscreen - advice

    This is what I use on my solo brew set. Piece of thin brass sheet. Very light and sturdy too. Wraps around pot so does not get creases causing fatigue...
  13. R.Lewis

    Seasoned and chopped firewood at the Moot

    We would like to get a tonne of wood to share. It is so much easier.....
  14. R.Lewis

    For Sale Selling all of my Leathercraft Equipment & Leather Stock

    If i was working and not skint I would be very interested. And your only a few miles from me!
  15. R.Lewis

    Hammock for two

    Dutchware Chameleon. You can connect two together and even be under the same mosinet. Probably the best option out there, but pricey. We have one of the first ones in the UK, its an excellent solo hammock too. Link for bugnet below shows two set up as one...
  16. R.Lewis

    Recommend me a Folding Campbed/Chair

    We have two of these. Awesome kit, very comfortable. Excellent when paired with the matching sleeping bags. Better then our bed at home!
  17. R.Lewis

    Pure wool army greatcoat? Which one's the best??

    I have the old Swedish greatcoat. Fantastic quality wool and beautifully made. They are getting pricy now mind, I got mine about four years ago. Have just replaced all the buttons (most had fell off due to old cotton thread anyway) with some cool old brass ones.
  18. R.Lewis

    I made one of these some time ago. I replaced the lens with a strong magnifying glass. I have no idea where it is now though!
  19. R.Lewis

    Double hammocks.

    Look up the Dutchware Chameleon. The ultimate setup for double hammocks, only one downside, price! We have one Chameleon, it is excellent. Would get another but cannot afford it at the moment.
  20. R.Lewis

    Surplus parkas

    I was lead to believe it's Horsehide and sheepskin collar. It certainly feels tough enough to be Horsehide. Wool lining and bakelite buttons on mine too dated 1941.