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  1. inthewids

    Island life..

    My girlfriend and myself have been offered work on the island of Colonsay for 5-6 months. We are both from a small town and moved to Edinburgh 4 months ago. I have just finished a temporary job and she does not enjoy her's. We love the thought of island life but are both worried it may be too...
  2. inthewids

    The Willow Lohr Bushcraft song

    I was on her course last year. This fellow wrote a song within the morning and performed it around the fire, it was a great ender. Here is the youtube link as i thought some people would be interested -
  3. inthewids

    Bushy things for sale

    I am moving down to Edinburgh and will no lomger need these things so would rather someone else gets the use out of them, first up is a medium sized swandrii ranger top. It is lined and only been worn a handful of times. The only thing is that the stitching has come undone a bit on the base of...
  4. inthewids

    Could somebody i.d these please

    I was out picking chanterelles yesterday and came across a patch of these. Im guising by the look of them they are a no no to eat but id just like to know what they are? I thought they were maybe common ink caps??
  5. inthewids

    Chanterelle time again

    Sorry if anyone else has posted about this already. I was out for a walk today in a lovely rain storm and found some chanterelles in my usual place. I was there a few days ago and nothing. I had some for lunch and i think afyer todays rain there will be more out tomorrow. Just a heads up post.
  6. inthewids

    Some things for sale

    I am selling these off to hopefully fund a trip to Spain in july to do some WWOOFING. So here goes.. MSR Stove. Comes in compact case. Cost £30, sell for £15 *SOLD* 1001 Designs for Woodcarving £10 Walden, Or life in the woods. £5 Five Ten climbing shoes...
  7. inthewids

    Flights to Granada

    Remove this if in the wrong place or if its not allowed. I have flights booked to go to Granada on july the 9th. From Glasgow- East Midland, East Midlands- Granada, unfortunately i now cannot go and i will lose £100 as they are non refundable, i am wondering if anyone would like them for...
  8. inthewids

    Outwell Climate 900 sleeping bag

    I am looking at getting a new sleeping bag for my birthday. I have been looking at the Outwell and the ratings etc for it seem good, does anyone have one? I am doing the West Highland Way (starting this friday) and need to upgrade from my Gelert Tryfan 300 (which is pretty rubbish) I have a...
  9. inthewids

    Brasher shoes

    I bought these at the end of last year for £100 but seeing as i have only worn them 3-4 times i think i may as well sell them. They have only been used for walking to a restaurant and the pub. They are Goretex lined, very comfortable, size 10. Slight scuffing on toes (shown in photo) this could...
  10. inthewids

    Mr Mears in Scotland

    I have seen an episode of Ray's bushcraft where he is up the west coast of Scotland, he is on the coast and cooks venison in a ground oven and also some shellfish, i was wondering if anybody knows where it was filmed as i would love to go.
  11. inthewids

    Cycling around Spain.

    Has anyone done it? I have always been into bikes since an early age, started mountain biking then been bmxing for the last 10 years, i just bought a racer yesetrday and seeing as im hopefully doung some wwoofing in july id like to see some more of Spain. I have been to tthe south before but...
  12. inthewids


    Amazing beatboxing, enjoy
  13. inthewids

    Countryfile now!!!

    About the development of clothing.
  14. inthewids

    West Highland Way

    Hello people, as i have posted before, i am doing the West Highland Way at the end of the month, i am tight for cash and have a BIG question to ask, would any of you lovely people be willing to 'lend' me a bivi bag for the week? I am camping 6 of the nights and would look after it as though it...
  15. inthewids

    Bushcraft gear for sale

    I have a few items for sale, i am very skint being a student and im trying to save some money for a bushcraft course. So here are the items- Berkley Bionix XE-40 9ft fly rod, cost £100, sell for £35 o.n.o 1x mystery military jacket, german/russian? £30, will pretty much just cover...
  16. inthewids

    Cob Workshop

    Hi folks, today i took part in a cob workshop, i had read about it previously and found it interesting, i only found out about this a few days ago and jumped at the chance to take part, the teacher was a very talented Rhyddian Knight, we were talked through the materials and the tools then got...
  17. inthewids


    I managed to snap these beautiful little birds a few days ago, was in the kitchen, looked out the window and saw them land in the birch, unfortunately they were scared off by some seagulls so didnt manage an extreme close-up, anyone else spotted them?
  18. inthewids

    1st attempt at a knife

    Hi folks, i wrote up a few days ago asking how to unstick epoxy, well i managed to get the old handle off and have now re-handled the blade, im still not 100% satisfied with it but its a lot better than the 1st attempt and ok for just using hand tools, critique very welcome :) 1st attempt a...
  19. inthewids

    Oh darn it!!

    I bought a Julius Pettersson blade last week and made a handle from yew leather and antler. After epoxying it on i left it for a few days and today i sanded it to shape, unfortunately the layers were not quite flat so theres bits where epoxy has set and im not very happy with the look/shape of...
  20. inthewids

    Has anybody..

    ever gone to stay with a tribe or people living traditionally? I would love to go and live with a tribe somewhere but cannot find any information as to how to contact them etc? Does anybody have any information?