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    Trout, what size would you call dinner?

    It tasted very good.:) I've not used the passport scheme, I am in the incredibly spoiled position of being friendly with a farmer who owns, but doesn't use, the rights to a couple of miles of the Wye within a few minutes walk of home. The water is not managed at all for fishing which can make...
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    Trout, what size would you call dinner?

    Cheers for the replies. The reason for the question was that I took one today that was badly hooked and bleeding profusely from the mouth and gills so I knocked it, thinking its chances weren't good. Seems that my idea of small is not typical though, I've been feeling guilty about a fish that...
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    Trout, what size would you call dinner?

    Hi all. Just curious, how big would a brown trout have to be for you to consider it worth eating? Steve
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    Just to brag.

    The farmer who owns the fishing rights (which he has gven to me gratis) says that, come Autumn, there are salmon as well as browns. I may well be taking some time off work. The smoker is on the cards if the stretch (about two miles) lives up to expectations. ETA this was my first fish (of any...
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    Just to brag.

    Oh yes! Baked with thyme and served with sauteed new potatoes and salad.
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    Just to brag.

    I probably shouldn't admit to this, but, as it was a new swim to me, I was using ledgered worm, just to see what might bite. I really wasn't expecting this. Come mid-June I will definitely be getting the fly gear out though, could be a cracking stretch of water.
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    Just to brag.

    2 1/2 to 3 lb brown caught earlier this month on the upper Wye in Wales. Purely showing off as he was a lovely fish. I feel slightly bad as he was obviously coming into breeding condition.
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    Straightening wood.

    Apologies for resurrecting an ancient thread but, would this work? My plan is to use a length of scaffold bar or similar to make a long, thin steamer. Put walking stick stave into steamer and steam heat the entire length. While hot apply tension to both ends of the stave (possibly while it's...
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    plant id help

    I think that your fungus may actually be a Peltigera sp. of lichen
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    Creepy Crawlies

    The soldier beetle looks like Cantharis rustica if you want to be picky.
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    A Lucky Shot on the Golf Course!

    That there is your red kite sir, Milvus milvus in the Latin or barcud coch as they are known around here. Steve
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    Axe ID ?

    Hi Lavrentyuk Good to see another one from this part of the world on here. Hult Bruk axes seem to be pretty rare in the UK, I found this vintage one on a second hand tool stall for a fiver. It's another clean up and re-handle project when I get round to it :) Steve
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    Believe it or not? Fact or fiction?

    Possibly Araniella cucurbitina, the cucumber spider. Steve
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    You silly buzzard!

    One clear difference that your picture shows well is the number of dark bands on the tail. Buzzard have eight to ten bands, sparrowhawk only four or five.
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    Show Us Your Pet (Pics)

    This is Gerel, the daft lump in my avatar. When we first got him. As he is now. A year old now so probably still a bit of growing to do. :rolleyes:
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    Death Cap?

    The flaky look to the top of the cap, the smooth stem and prominent ring together with the fact that it is growing with beech trees make me suspect that it may be the white variety of the False Death Cap, Amanita citrina var. alba. There is an all white variety of the Death Cap, Amanita...
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    Where have the bees gone this year?

    We seem to be having quite a good year for both butterflies and bumblebees,despite the soggy weather, I've seen more of both than for the past four years or more. Not so many honeybees but we're not in a big hive keeping area. That said, this part of the world is often odd compared to national...
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    Theoben Eliminator .22 Air rifle

    There is a thread here, , from someone selling an Eliminator that had been taken down to sub 12 ft/lbs and taken off FAC, it doesn't say how it was done, but he was asking £550 for it.
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    KITH- knife in the hat

    Appreciated mate,I just got back from visiting, the op. went well, she's still in intensive care but doing ok. I hope you're going to post pics of the finished articles so I can see what I'm missing. Steve
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    Win a fantastic Bushcraft Home.......for £25!

    I didn't realise we'd met :D