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    What a weekend :D

    After a lot of planning and a bit of investment I finally got the chance to get away in North Yorkshire, into a secluded area of woodland covering quite a significant area. I have tried fro the last 4 months or so to identify the land owner and been passed between forestry commission areas with...
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    Great Birthday present, cant wait to try out,,

    Wohoo.... this year my Wife has bought me a Hennessey Hammock Expedition Deluxe. Brilliant. We went out fro a walk in the woods this weekend so I can have a practice run at putting it up and it worked like a charm. The only criticism is the fact that the tree huggers are a little short. They...
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    Battle of the stoves - boil test

    For years I have been using the old MSR XGK expedition stove for all my trips but a year or so ago my Wife treated me to a shiny new MSR Windpro. I am planning a trip out for a long weekend and decided to put them both through a trial to see which stove was likely to be the better option...
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    Iodine to be banned in europe...??

    Apparently the use of Iodine is to be banned in europe meaning tabs, liquids or water treatment systems that use Iodine will dissapear from the shops sometime soon. Mad!!. I will be stocking up closer to the deadline... Apparently someone managed to overdose and kill themselves with the...
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    Water filters - Any experience

    I have been reading the threads on water filtration and am perfectly happy with what needs to be done and most of the methods for doing it (I have been using them for years). What I am after, because I like to avoid unnecessary hard work, and the taste of chemicals where I can is information or...
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    What to take, What to eat

    I am planning a trip out into the hills of the Yorkshire dales and am planning 2 over-night stops. I am planning on traveling as light as possible for the 2 1/2 days I will be on the go. I will be using a hammock for shelter / bed, have a nice light weight down bag and will take along a MSR...
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    Wilderness Center, Gloustershire

    I am due to go the the wilderness center in Gloustershire later this month to do some team building / training for an adventure race later in the year. I just wondered if any of you have either been there or maybe even worked there as it looks the kind of place a lot of "working" bushcrafters...
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    Confused about diamond / ceramic sharpener grades??

    I generally use 3 grades of water stone, 650 (not very often), 2000, 6000 (and finish with the Starkie). Taking into consideration the numerous threads on this subject i want to get a diamond / ceramic "stone" that i can use while out in the middle of nowhere..... When i have looked at the...
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    How do i protect my knife over the winter months??

    I have 2 knives, A carbon steel Alan wood style knife and a Fallkniven F1. I bought the F1 to use in the bad months when the weather is wet, there is a lot of salt around and things could get nasty for a carbon steel blade. I have gotten over the shiny knife syndrome (It took quite a long...
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    Fire Bow Help.. Please :)

    I sucessfully managed to get a fire 3 times on the training course i did now its all gone bad and i can not get a thing. I have tried a few different woods, keeping the drill the same as the hearth and no success... My biggest problem seems to be that the wrong end of the spindle / drill...
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    Great Bivi Mossie Nets

    I managed to pick one of these realllly cheap at Blacks today in the Trafford Centre... I then though, I wounder if any of those nice guys at BCUK would also like to take advantage of the bargain.... So i drove back and bought the two they had left. Dimensions: 2.5 meters long, 86cm wide...
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    Tarp repairs

    I have an Australian Hootchie that i bought as ex issue. It is in pretty good condition on the whole but onr of the loops, 3/4 of the way down one side has a l shape rip that goes frmo the edge of the tarp, towards the middle (to the end of the tape) then across at 90 degrees again to the end...
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    Sharpening a convex grind knife

    I am awaiting delivery of a FallKniven F1 laminated stainless knife. It has a convex grind on it which i am sure will be harder to maintain than the flat, single bevel Ben Orford knife WS style knife that I have. Any tips?? G: