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    Walking In the really rough stuff.

    Of course, some of what I said was light hearted, but some of the suggestions were serious, it's up to you to decide which is which! But thinking again about w00dsmoke's problem, the obvious solution is to wear clothing that the original inhabitants of those lands would have worn. A kilt.
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    Walking In the really rough stuff.

    Just a suggestion, I've never used them so don't know whether they are short or cut off the blood supply to your calfs. No never worn a wet suit, no idea how good or bad it would be, just a different suggestion, your the one worrying about getting your troosers wet! What about just the...
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    Walking In the really rough stuff.

    Why not wear waterproof socks under your leather or otherwise boots, sealskins for example, and wear wet suit bottoms (underneath waterproof trousers, to protect them from wear) or a full wetsuit. Or a breathable dry-suit, or dry-suit bottoms.
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    I was in the Cairngorms a few weeks ago, it was nice and sheltered in the forest. Saw a few deer and squirrels and surprisingly only a very few midgies which didn't bother me. But the Cairngorms range is so big I wouldn't recommend it for seeing rutting stags though. I'd go north west...
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    Leeds to Scotland

    Midgies will be there and active but it will depend on the weather as to how bad they will be and how much you will see of them. If it is windy; they can't fly. If it is raining; they can't fly. If it is very hot and sunny; they don't/can't fly. If it is very cold; they don't/can't fly...
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    Getting To Lewis

    The road from Skye to Fort William goes through (the bottom end) of Glen Garry.
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    Getting To Lewis

    There are three ferries that take you to Skye as well as the bridge. (ok one of the ferries is the Uig ferry you mentioned, but the others are from Mallaig and a much smaller one from Glenelg)
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    places in scotland

    You don't need to go inland to climb Munroes, Skye being a prime example where they rise almost out of the sea. There is a path round from Elgol into Loch Coruisk at the base of the Cuilins where you could easily camp and climb for a couple of days/nights and then carry on round to Glen Brittle...
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    Wild camping west scotland

    How will you be travelling around, by car, bike, on foot?