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    A little inspiration for the whittlers amongst us!

    Came across this whilst browsing the news and gossip and, after checking it wasn't April 1st, thought it might provide some inspiration to the whittlers (of which I am one), as well as the serious carvers...
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    Interesting alternative for the Kelly Kettle fans

    I came across this whilst idly browsing sorry if it's a repeat (I did do a search!): A young outdoor enthusiast over on Backpacking light (The US version) called Devin Montgomery liked the concept of volcano/ storm kettles/ chimney stoves but, like me...
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    Torch Lighters - a solution?

    Like many posters on here I have been frustrated with torch lighters in the past - you know the ones I mean - the ones sold by Blue Flame, Turbo Flame as well as models sold by the well established makes like Ronson, Colibri & Zippo. These lighters have the potential to be really useful - a...
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    Be careful!

    I appreciate that this from one of our more "shrieking" tabloids - but at the risk of getting political... Always have a VERY good reason to carry your sharps - it's no...
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    Can someone explain to this IT idiot how to put icons into the main body of the text? Whenever I click on an icon it goes to the right of the title bar and not where I left the flashing cursor. Using Macbook with Safari. Cheers
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    I've been lurking here for ages and have found it to be an excellent resource, so I thought I'd introduce myself before making any contributions. Hope to engage with you all in the rest of the forums.