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    making lead shot.

    Common misconception :), rain doesn't fall as tear drops but as wobbley circles.
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    making lead shot.

    You need a church spire, a bucket with a hole in the bottom full of molten lead, and another bucket full of water doon the bottom of the spire. dribble the molten lead into the bucket from the top of the spire and you will have perfectly rounded lead shot balls.
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    Hats; Materials, Types, Styles?

    I have a Tilley TH4 Hemp for keeping the big ball of fire off my face and a ushanka from ebay for the winter I think the ushanka came from the ukraine it was and when it arrived the little import sticker thing you get on the front, apparently ushanka in ukranian translates as "wanka" .... I'm...
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    Mora with cord-wrapped handle and turkshead knot

    You could make yourself a bullwhip just to tie the turkshead above the handle if you wanted :D
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    Wilson Tactical Monkey Fist

    Carrying a kitten with intent :)
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    Sea Horse Honey Stove

    blimey, well done :)
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    Hairy beast - What is it?

    Nice beastie. I don't think you should have glued 4 shaving brushes to its back though.
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    The league of extraordinary spoon carvers.
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    what is the law on blade length

    My Opinel 6 is 0.01mm short of 7.62mm ;) using picture 3 as the guide. With the ring off obviously.
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    Which digtal camera?

    Unless you are going for a DSLR you can't get much better (if not you can't actually get better) than a Canon G9. (or G10!) Bit chunkier and heavier than most point and shoots but it has full manual controls as well as TV AV etc
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    Help, Stung

    apply heat, great, my mums had me holding an ice cube to my backside. thanks for the informed info mate.
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    Help, Stung

    yes i have a smaller lump and a bigger one. both sore, i will try the veniger. ive just rubbed some anthisan on it its called.
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    Help, Stung

    hi. ive just sat on a wasp on the way home in the car and its stung me on the backside, a small area is swollen and it hurts like chuff, i dont know iif the sting is still in it or not. is this a problem, do i need to go to the doc and find out if the sting is there and get it taken out if it is...
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    non locking knives?

    It's working fine for me so far :) I'm not keen on those spring loaded type ones.. As I did have an accident with one of them once ! I prefer the Opinel having no resistance (appart from it being very stiff) then if it starts to close I can do something about it, with that spring like ones it...
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    Two Nights in the Great Outdoors... (PIC HEAVY)

    Lovely photos and much kudos for cleaning up those morons mess!
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    Disability and behavior of members

    "The same said person was struck over the head with the butt of an axe in the dark at another meet" :S Blimey. In the photos it seems as though there was a lot of kids there, I wouldn't fancied taking my kids to somewhere that someone was assaulted with an axe previously ...
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    Bushmoot 2009

    Lovely pictures. :) Sorry for the slightly selfish derail, I'd just like to know what chair the chap in the red is sitting on, I'm of the larger persuasion and it looks supportive and comfy... compared to most things that are crushed by my fullsom buttocks...
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    old tree

    Cool :) Tree ladder.
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    Giant puffball

    Imagine how much that would be worth if it was a white truffle :)
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    Flint knapping kit