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    Compact sea fishing rod?

    +1 for the Shimano Exage STC. They're a bit spendy - but buy once, cry once... They're fairly light rods, so for the sort of fishing you want to do, go for the longest/ heaviest which is the 2.70m 10-30g casting weight. It's the one I have and it's ideal for all types of shore fishing with...
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    This. Looking back on the couple of occasions that I woke up in a panic, it was because I wasn't getting enough oxygen. The first time was in a C130 Hercules transport plane. We had taken off from Nairobi on our way to Harare. The handful of squaddies in our team had made sure to have...
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    Photographing a camp at night.

    Thank you Wayland! Absolutely first rate! And 'sticky' please Mods, this needs referencing - an improvement in overall photography can only benefit the site.
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    Just a thought.

    Here in sunny Spain, cigarettes are 4.60€ a pack - pocket change, in other words - so I haven't experienced the shortage of peripherals. Whilst I adore smoking tobacco - cigarettes, cigars, pipes (I still occasionally suck on one of my empty pipes), for health reasons, my wife and I switched to...
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    Which is the best KANTEEN and why?

    Knowing 'Armies' as I do, I would say that the overall factor would have been cost. There is also the question of colour coding and uniformity of contents. So, for example, in the British Army, a black plastic container - be it a water bottle, a jerry can or a bowser - equals fresh, potable...
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    Armchair Bushcraft

    Well you'd certainly have an interested audience here. In looking through your portfolio on Wayland's World, over the years, I've always been struck most by how you paint the human in the wild as, not in a harsh environment, but in a welcoming, almost luxury one - it really makes the viewer...
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    Armchair Bushcraft

    Well, it was cleverly done: Clickbait title? Check. Interesting/ thought provoking subject that invites participation? Check. Beautiful photography? Check. Photography displaying items to drool over? (let's face it, most bushcrafters/ campers/ outdoor enthusiasts are obsessed by 'kit') Check...
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    Armchair Bushcraft

    What a grand subject for discussion! I love canvas, wood, leather and steel as much as the next man and there's something special in using old, handmade, quality equipment. But... ...I'm now in my fifties with a much younger Spanish wife and our outings normally involve tramping the hills...
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    Which is the best KANTEEN and why?

    +1 I bought the Heavy Cover version and I team it up with a Mother canteen carrier and roll (exactly like yours), a Gen2 Firebox nano, an Evernew Ti alcohol stove + trivet and a Heavy Cover 8" Ti frying pan/ plate. I spent a fortune looking for the ultimate, one person set up and, in my view...
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    Poole Bay Baker Tent

    +1 on the photography and a very evocative set up! I half expect Henry Morton Stanley to emerge from the tree line and 'find' you - "Mr Waidson I presume." May I suggest a title for the first shot? A common expression from my army days... "Any idiot can be be uncomfortable!"
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    Do you DPM or not and why?

    Not camo - per se (after 28 years in the military - I kind of rebel against it now...) The best quote, in my view, on this subject, and one that I subscribe to, came from Wayland: "I don't want to be a blot on someone else's landscape" It's really for that that I choose 'earthy' colours for...
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    Adding Water to Meths for Trangia Stove

    I think it's an urban myth! Although some people swear by it, I never noticed any difference whatsoever, either in heat output or soot production when I was using the UK 'purple' meths. I think the purple additive to UK meths may have something to do with the soot production as, here in...
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    Heavy Cover canteen

    For me it's the last solo cook set I'll buy. Mine's teamed with an Emberlit Fireant, and an Evernew Ti alcholol stove and trivet. The Fireant doubles as a windshield when I'm using alcohol. Super light, super robust (it's a thicker titanium than some of the ultralight set-ups) and perfectly...
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    friction folder o1 tool steel

    OK, no worries - you have my PM if it doesn't go through... Incidentally, I would definitely be in the market for the same knife with a shorter handle length (say 10cm - I have small hands. I appreciate that this would be "custom" territory, so PM me if you're interested.
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    friction folder o1 tool steel

    Ok, I'm intrigued. It certainly looks a handsome piece and well worked. I'll take it pending PM questions.
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    friction folder o1 tool steel

    Could you give some more dimensions? In particular: Handle length and closed length (including the tang) Also is the pivot pin removable/ adjustable? Cheers.
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    Shaving kit

    Now I'm out of the mob, I have a winter beard and shave in the summer (the hot summers here in France are more comfortable beardless). After years of uncomfortable shaving with modern multi-blade jobs (I have a heavy beard on sensitive skin), I was turned onto the joys of the old fashioned...
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    LT Wright Bushcrafter HC

    Yes it certainly did - and minimising 'gear' is always laudable (which is why I'm in the process of ditching all my 4" plus scandi grind knives!). You mentioned your crooked knike - is it a crooked knife (straight edge with a curve at the end) or a spoon knife (curved along the entirety of the...
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    LT Wright Bushcrafter HC

    It depends if you really only want to carry one knife, what other tools do you carry and what your main activities are. The truth is is that the 'all round knife' doesn't exist. The Woodlore pattern was Mr Mears' attempt but he is heavily into 'woodwork'. It took me years to wean myself off...
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    LT Wright Bushcrafter HC

    I would say a fine carver this ain't! Scandi grinds are still the best all round for wood processing. My main bushcraft knife is sabre ground with an edge bevel - purely because I don't do much carving and use it more for general cutting tasks and food prep. I only really need to notch, point...