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    Quick overnight wild camp at Ullswater with canoe

    My mate Jim and I decided to have an overnighter at Ullswater. We parked the campervan in a layby near Glencoyne Bridge and inflated the Sevylor two man canoe. Off we padded across the lake towards Silver Bay. I was hammock camping and Jim wanted to try out his tarp so we veered off just left to...
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    Norway - advice wanted

    I've fancied going to Scandinavia and am considering going to Norway this summer. Probably in June and probably for a month or so. Does Norway have any long distance marked footpaths? Do people have any particular recommendations of places to visit? I'm planning to hammock camp and go...
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    550km in the Pyrenees with an 8kg sack and hammock

    Not a report but I've done this so if anyone would like to ask any questions please fire away.
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    A 400 mile walk through England

    Just published on Amazon an account of my 400 mile charity walk through England for The Alzheimers' Society. Done in lightweight style. 8kg sack. Camped out a few nights with hammock/tarp. 10%of profits go to the charity. Happy to answer any questions about the walk...
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    Quick overnighter - Lune estuary (Lancashire)

    Been staying with my mum but she needed me out of the house for the night. Had a meeting in Lancaster this morning so decided to camp overnight. Walked from Ellel (near Galgate) down the Lancaster canal spur to Glasson Dock and then along the old railway line towards Lancaster - it's now an...
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    I'm one third of the way through the Pyrenees GR10

    I'll be doing a full report afterwards. In the meantime I'm glad to answer any queries. I'm doing it in a lightweight style - hammock/tarp and no cooking.
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    Bilbao in Spain

    Anyone know about the countryside to the east of Bilbao? I'm going there soon and wondering about a pleasant way to walk from there to Hendaye on the frontier.
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    Use my house in the Pas de Calais for free!! - no, it's not a joke

    I'm going to be away for June and probably all of July and August so the place will be empty. I know there are lots of people on low incomes and this really is aimed at them. Use my house for free. I'm serious. All I ask is for 20 euros a week to cover the cost of electricity/water/gas. If you...
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    Walking from Dover to Lancaster June 1 to June 21

    I'm doing this walk as a fundraiser for The Alzheimer's Society. It'll be a solo effort but if anyone would like to walk with me for a few miles that would be lovely. My route roughly is: North Downs Way to London. Canal to Brum Canal to Ellesmere Port and across Mersey. Canal to Lancaster. Full...
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    Lightweight hobo stove with titanium pot

    The brief - create a lightweight cooking system suitable for use during my 400 mile charity walk through the UK in June and then later for the GR10 in the Pyrenees. Must be lightweight and to keep it simple and light must use locally available biomass. I didn't want the expense/hassle/weight of...
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    Pacific Crest Trail video

    Found this on YouTube. Beautifully filmed.
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    North Downs Way

    I'm doing the Dover to Wrotham bit of the North Downs Way (the bit via Ashford and Maidstone) from June 1 to June 4 as part of my charity walk from my house in France to Lancaster. As yet I don't know what I"m doing for accomodation during this bit. If anyone would like to walk with me for any...
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    Hammock insulation idea.

    I need to get my underside better insulated. Now I know there are underquilts but they cover the entire underside of the hammock, down ones are expensive and synthetic are heavy. And karrimats are discounted as they slide out of position as you move in your sleep. My idea - sew webbing on the...
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    New to hammocking

    I've just made my hammock. Initially I lashed the ends so that the corners projected further than the middle but this made the edges of the hammock too tight. So I redid the lashing so that the ends of the hammock were all the same and this made a more floppy hammock where I could lie flatter...
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    I'm offering free accomodation in the Pas de Calais (France)

    If any bushcrafters and outdoorsy types want a cheap trip I can put you up here. I live in a hamlet of 15 houses 45mn from Calais. Lots of countryside and lovely coastline. And WOODS. Any more info just PM me. I'd love to meet like minded folk and have shedloads of space here. Get across with a...
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    Sew far sew good

    This year I'm planning to bugger off as much as possible. But since I'm time rich (unemployed) and money poor (unemployed) I have to make my own kit. So I've made my first ever hammock from 1.1oz ripstop nylon - 230g less straps. I'm still amazed how such lightweight material can support my...
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    Anyone want to walk the GR10 with me

    I'm toying with the idea of doing this Pyrenees route this summer in a lightweight style - hammock/tarp as I fancy bivvying rather than huts (expensive and I'm time rich but cash poor). Anyone fancy coming along?
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    Refashioning a sleeping bag?

    I can get my hands on a duck down 3 season bag and it's a good price but a bit heavy. Presumably I could remove the hood bit to reduce the weight. Could I also open it up and remove some of the down. Doable or stupid idea? I hope to use the bag for summer use only. And weight is important.
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    sleeping bag for zero degrees

    I'm planning for the GR10 in the Pyrenees. At altitude it can get down to zero degrees. For my sleeping bag I'm thinking the Vango Venom 200 down bag as it's cheap but not too heavy - every gramme counts. I'll have a thermarest prolite mattress and Alpkit bivi bag plus tarp. I know the bag is...
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    recommend me a sleeping bag

    I can't afford those hideously expensive ones. My budget is about 100 quid and I'm looking for a bagnthat would be OK for zero degree Min conditions. Lightweight is good as I'm doing the Pyrenees GR10 and every gramme less is good. Can anyone recommend anything?