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    Fjallraven Iceland Winter Trousers - 36 inches / Size 52

    Sorry just read the leg side they are too short
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    Fjallraven Iceland Winter Trousers - 36 inches / Size 52

    Il take these if still available please
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    Stag scrap necker..sold pending funds.

    I keep looking and almost send you a yes but I can't justify a fourth of yours. Brilliantly done as always lance.
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    Hand Forged Firesteel

    Brilliant quality little kit way exceeds what I thought it would be like. Great honest chap to deal with. All the best Dave
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    Katana Boy 1000

    The silky ninja lol
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    Hand Forged Firesteel

    Il take one too please pm coming your way
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    First night in the bivvy bag.

    That looks like a really nice spot. I like my bivy better than tent camping in decent weather.
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    Green oak structure

    Now that would look even more awesome with a koi carp pond under it. Brilliant work mate ��
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    desert willow spoon

    Beautiful spoon there mate
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    forged scandi im working on

    Blimey that's turned out really nice
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    New axe for myself

    I really like the shape of that head. Are they in production?
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    For the kids

    Very nice work there mate
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    Synthetic modular sleep system - any suggestions as to which to go for?

    I use a cheap Aldi summer lightweight bag inside a British army bivi bag in warm to cool weather and my arctic bag plus bivi in winter temperatures. I'm going to put a zip in the bivy bag though
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    3D printed camping supplies

    Great work that technical stuffs way above my head. I've just learned how to print pictures from my phone without wires it's like magic lol.
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    August/Sept bush or craft meets/shows?

    Midland game fare is great I'm going this year 19th September
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    Powder for feet and ... other bits...

    Baking soda for the feet not sure about putting it in the groin though. I suffered for years with stinky feet I tried everything. I even got told tea was good so I soaked my feet in that but the result was very brown feet lol. I used the baking soda for a while and sprinkle it in work boots it...
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    Bushcraft coffee

    I didn't even know they did such things as those reusable filters. I'm off googling again lol
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    Mines a gas barbecue Alan I've had it since we moved to the farm around 4 years ago. The back garden was a fenced off bit of moorland with 2 pic arks and a chicken pen of some description and more rubbish than you can shake a stick at. The barbecue was bought cheap off eBay in winter and almost...
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    Can't fault you there it was warm a few weeks ago and I set up home in the back garden in the dutch 1 man tent. I always sleep better outside. I didn't use a camp stove though I've a bar with built in barbecue in the garden with electric kettle etc so I had tea supper and breakfast outside. I...