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    Coleman 533 Sportster stove

    Anybody got any tips on re-fitting the generator to one of these ? It either leaks fuel no matter what way I tighten back up the nut or, if I put a bit of tape on the thread which solves the leak, it won't feed any fuel at all, gah.
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    Tentipi in sand/soft ground

    I'm soon off to Morocco on a bike trip and am thinking of bringing my Varrie 7 as there are three of us going. I use the tent a lot and but have never actually tried putting it up in sand and we intend heading off-piste into some soft stuff. Anyone got any experience of how well the standard...
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    Tentipi spares

    I'm wondering if anybody knows where I could get the fibreglass rods that go around the top of a Varrie as I managed to lose mine on a bike trip ? I've tried cutting coat-hangers but the wire is too weak and I can't think of anything else suitable. I've mailed Tentipi themselves several...
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    Storing a Varrie tipi

    Just wondering how any others store their Mossieososeeekeltans (did I spell that right!) ? I've got the canvas and just keep it stuffed in it's bag but am suspecting it's probably better stored out, however the thing is huge.and I'd need a barn to hang it up in. Thoughts ?
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    Tentipi Varrie VS The Rain

    Howdy all, I picked myself up a 7 person canvas Varrie last year in Bodo when biking around Norway and it's generally been excellent, but last night was the first time it's been in proper rain and fairly strong winds (amazing considering I live in the west of Ireland!). All stormcords were...