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  1. Z

    Tilley T3

    Hi, I've got a Tilley T3 in the natural colour with green underbrim, in excellent condition only worn a couple of times The size is 7 1/4, 58.5 cm I'm looking for a decent head torch or will consider anything fishing related
  2. Z

    Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe

    I have for swap a Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe, I bought it last year and have never used it. It has had a couple of modifications, namely a wider velcro has been put on the bottom opening, and has been adapted with climbing carabiners. It comes with the ordinary tarp and snake skins...
  3. Z

    Preheating Paste

    Does anyone know of a supplier of preheating paste ? I picked up a Coleman 550b multifuel stove and want to use it on paraffin, it works great using a mini blow torch to preheat, but i'd like to get the paste.
  4. Z

    British Army Desert Camo Basha

    Hi, can anyone confirm the number of attachment points on a genuine British army desert camo basha ? thanks
  5. Z

    Free 3M Safety Glasses

    I noticed this on another forum and thought they might be of use to some on here, No affiliation etc.... I've ordered the led ones, they should come in handy
  6. Z

    Karrimor self inflating sleep mats

    Just a heads up ! sports direct are selling the above at £7.99 rrp £39.99
  7. Z

    Trangia 27-1

    On offer at the moment at millets for £20 Enter "offeroftheday" for a further 10% off so £18
  8. Z

    DD Scout Hammock

    Hi, Has anyone any experience with the DD scout hammock ? I'm really keen to try out a hammock but a little reluctant to shell out £40 for something that I might not like, so the scout version looks ok and for £14 not a bad price. I'm 5' 10" and 13 stone will it be too small / cramped...
  9. Z

    Offers For !!!

    Hi, I'm new to bushcraft and am looking for some gear to get started. I have an old Webley Nemesis .177 air pistol that's been sat in a cupboard for years. It's in good condition, but is missing the rear sight. I'm looking for a swap for a good quality Hammock (dd camping etc) or a...