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    Trout, what size would you call dinner?

    Hi all. Just curious, how big would a brown trout have to be for you to consider it worth eating? Steve
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    Just to brag.

    2 1/2 to 3 lb brown caught earlier this month on the upper Wye in Wales. Purely showing off as he was a lovely fish. I feel slightly bad as he was obviously coming into breeding condition.
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    More mycology (pic heavy)

    I just noticed that the parasols are starting to appear in one of the (many) neglected areas of the garden. Although some blighter is eating them before I get to them. This looks like a Helvella but I'm not sure which one, it looks too dark for H. crispa (it's darker in the flesh...
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    I am quite confident that this rather slug eaten specimen is a young Blusher (Amanita rubescens). According to the descriptions I've read they are very poisonous raw but edible when cooked (throw away the water they cooked in). I am curious as to whether anyone here has been...
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    Parasitic plant ID please

    I photographed this in a mixed wood at Symonds Yat in Herefordshire, I think it was in early July. I assume from the lack of chlorophyll that it must be parasite but I haven't been able to find it in any of my wild flower books. (Apologies for the quality, it's a digital pic of a gloss print)...
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    Refreshing pages.

    Not complaining, just curious. When I try to refresh a page in the forum, more often than not I am taken back to the main menu/index page. Is this normal? Steve
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    Removing axe handle

    The haft on one of my GB axes has started to split along the grain so I want to replace it. Can anyone suggest the best way of removing the haft from the head without damaging the head. It is held on by a wooden wedge running parallel to the head crossed by an angled metal wedge. Cheers Steve
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    Brazilian rosewood handle blanks

    Free to good homes if anyone's interested. Two pieces of seasoned rosewood approx 4.75 x 1.5 x 1 inches, big enough for a knife handle. First two people to shout get one each. The only condition is that I'd like to see a pic of what you do with it posted on here.
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    Post a link to another thread?

    I cant figure out how to post a link in one thread to connect to a separate thread on a similar subject. I've seen it done with links that look something like this, URL /community/showthread.php?t=123*** but I don't know where to find the address for the thread I want to link to...
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    New magazine

    Hi all I have just been given a copy of a new magazine called "Living Woods" which I think may be of interest to bushcrafty types. It advertises itself as being about woodland crafts, trees and wildlife, environment and bushcraft. The first issue has articles on such things as; woodland food...
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    Run away, run away!

    Jumped into the cab of my MK on Friday for the first time in a week or so. I was about to start her up when I heard a buzz from behind me, looked around and saw this about eight inches form my right shoulder. I don't think I've ever got out of the truck so quickly! :D
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    Do you know what it is?

    I just wondered how many people could ID this critter from this close-up. Clue; there are not many insects I will kill on sight but this is one! I'll give the answer in a day or two.
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    Heath spotted orchid (I think)

    Walking the dogs on the hills today I came across a number of these on the edge of a boggy area. I'm fairly certain that they're heath spotted orchids, the first time I've seen them round here.
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    Mahogany longbow making

    Hi I've just got my hands on a quantity of old mahogany boards of various sizes. In the past I've seen references to mahogany longbows and am thinking I might have a go at making one but I haven't been able to find out any specific information on using mahogany to make a bow and wondered if...
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    Wildflower ID's please

    Can anyone tell what the following plants are. 1. close up of flower 2. 3. This one is really tiny, flower about 3mm across Thanks Steve
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    Just a hint of badger sign (pic heavy)

    Our house backs on to about about four acres of hazel coppice and larch woodland which is basically one huge badger sett. Somebody here was asking recently how you could tell if there were badgers about so I thought I'd post some pics of typical sign. First up a couple of shots of part of the...
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    Otter spraint?

    I guess this comes under tracking, I found these droppings a couple of days ago on a rock in our river and I am kind of hoping they might be otter. I broke one of them up and it contained small bones and what looked like fish scales which would fit. The arrow shows where they were...
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    A pair of buzzards and a couple to ID

    A few pics of the life around me at work today, enjoy. First up a pair of buzzards enjoying the thermals (air currents not underwear :D ) last pic's not great but quite dramatic I thought. I think this might be a green hairstreak but my butterfly book only shows pictures with wings...
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    Jack Pyke Countryman Boots - Anyone tried them?

    The thread title pretty much covers it, I like mid-calf length boots and have usually bought mod surplus, I saw these the other day and quite like the look (less survivalist than some) but wondered how they would hold up to heavy use. I am hard on boots, pro-boots last about a year, a pair of...
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    Last night's visitor (still the right month, just)

    We've had a few of these crashing about the place the last few nights. One of my favourite British insects, they always seem quite friendly somehow. Clumsy and noisy devils though