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    Anyone able to make a SAS smock up from a bolt of cloth?

    Now the SASS company is no longer, is there anyone out there who either worked for the company or has the pattern to make a few up? Someone must still do them in the UK as I am sure not all production has gone to China. I have some fabric, and can, might, get some more, but its getting someone...
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    Show us your Knife and Saw combos.

    I like to go out into the woods with a knife and a saw; here are two of my pairs: Lets see yours.
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    "I have a Skrama", was the write up I did for another forum. I thought it must have been well documented here are its pretty great, but after a search I couldn't find much. So here is a bit of a rehash of what I wrote: Skrama: Its not often when someone comes up with a design that is unusual...