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    I visited Auschwitz today

    Depressing and thrilling... I have polish origins and decided to make a tour tracing Holocaust in Krakow. Well, it's not something pleasing but informative and interesting for sure. After first day, which we spend in the city center we started with - former Jewish ghetto ( Podgorze) and...
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    German Canoeists loose canoe on Hayes river.

    Well, I'm glad they made it but come on! It's like Christopher from ,,Into the Wild''. :hammock::camping: ( anyway I really enjoyed the movie, I recommend! ) Nature is wild and dangerous, although beautiful. Those two lucky guys risked a lot, it was really...
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    Steampunk-ish Jewellery (updated)

    I love steampunk, I even wrote a short story once :) Beautiful stuff :You_Rock_
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    Beginners guide to mushrooms

    my friend gave me some mushrooms, I found those ones suspicious. Anyone can tell me whether I can eat them?
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    sugar fix

    I use mainly natural ones. Like everyone, I prefer honey, but I can also add: - syrup from blueberry - maple syrup ( my love!) - stevia - licorice ( hyper sweet, I just add a few crumbs in my tea) - syrup of dates I guess it's much better than white sugar. Which is hidden EVERYWHERE. I...
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    Good ideas for stuff to make with children :)

    I've got some ideas, I'm preparing myself for training in the woods with children. I have some games with a kind of script, but also some ideas how to make them busy for a few hours. landart- it's changing, transforming certain area into something creative. Using leaves, stones, branches to...
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    Hello from polish coast

    cześć Robert! I'm also new Pole in here but nowadays living in exile :D
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    new one in here

    I just came to say hello :ban: