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  1. J

    Toddy - Your Inbox is Full

    Toddy, can you empty your inbox please. Cheers Jfw
  2. J

    Thanks Kevin Endicott

    Not sure if this is the right place or not, but had to post this. Would just like to publicly thank Kevin for his generous offer of putting my family up for the night last Friday. Just to give you the full picture, I was retuning from my holiday in Cornwall last Friday and had planned to pop...
  3. J

    SAS Smock Discount from SASSKIT

    Just getting round to spending my big 40th pennies:D and after many years of will I, wont I buy a ventile jacket, I have just ordered a SAS smock in “just like ventile” material from the guys at After an enjoyable conversation with Paul, including the "does sir...
  4. J

    Pouches for Large Army Mess Tin

    I am looking for a belt pouch to hold a brew kit based around the British Army large mess tin, from my memory when I served the mess tins fitted in the 58 kidney pouch. This would be an option, but I was looking for a pouch that would fit onto a belt and be waterproof - possibly a plce pouch or...
  5. J

    OT: Offshore Work – Looking for Help

    I seem to recall that there are a few members who are employed in the offshore oil industry and am looking for some advice. Just a little background info to put you in the picture. My mate is keen to work offshore and has done the medical and survival training course and has joined a couple of...
  6. J

    Free Haggis

  7. J

    British Blades Down?

    Does any one know whats happening over at BB. The front page seems to be hacked by some MARC mailing list archive. Its double dutch to me. Cheers JFW
  8. J

    Heads Up for Todays Herald Newspaper

    Just picked up todays Herald newspaper to be greeted with a photo of PatrickM blowing an ember. There is a good article written by Marisa Duffy about here weekend on Patrick's Backwoodsman Course. I thought the article was well presented with some good photos and some of Patricks philosophy as...
  9. J

    It's A Boy

    Just to let you all share in my joy. My wife gave birth to a lovley baby boy on sunday 25 september at 23.28 :D We have called him Fergus and he's a wee cracker. Both mother and baby are doing well so it's back to sleepless nights and all the other stuff that goes with these little bundles...
  10. J

    Fire Retardant Spray

    Fire Retardant Spray Hs anyone got any experience of a product called Fire Check Spray. It is a spray to treat natural, some synthetic and polycotton material. Has anyone got any experience of this, it could be useful around the campfire to protect bashas, packs etc from stray sparks...
  11. J

    Free Haggis

    Heads up for free haggis In todays Glasgow herald there is a voucher for a free tin of Grants Haggis. The voucher can be found on page 18 and is redeamable at Peckhams until 31 January. So go on and celebrate Robert Burns birthday on the 25th. Once you have consumed the haggis you can...
  12. J

    Shortwave Radios

    I am looking for a portable shortwave/world band radio, has anyone got any reccomendations. I would prefer if it ran on 2 AA batteries, I have looked at the threads on windup radios but I'm not sure they would meet my needs - BBC world service etc. Pocket sized solar power, wind up and...
  13. J

    Flying South For Winter

    I know its hard to believe but winters comming. :chill: Still waiting on summer to happen mind you. Had the first frost of the season on my windscreen this morning Saw my first migratory birds of the season this morning (geese of some sort)too far away to id properly. Some of the leaves are...
  14. J

    Services From Members

    Having just read a post from naughty boy, about asking someone to make him a hammock, I thought it might be an idea to have a section where members could post a list of services that they can offer to unskilled or lazy members like myself. It could done using a private barter or cash system...
  15. J

    Being Good to Yourself

    Had to share this with all you guys. I've just recieved my WS Micarta Woodlore Knife :o): Its a beauty no rust marks or any apparent defects :-D came covered in grease but still in its sheath. :?: Top marks to Woodlore I ordered it on Sunday night and the postie delivered it on Tuesday...
  16. J

    What's Happening to me

    I recently joined this excellent forum and something is happing to me :?: I now smell of wood smoke, I have made a hobo stove, I walk round cheap stores looking for stainless steel containers etc and look at web sites about knives and what's the best method for sharpening. All my kit is...
  17. J

    Puukko Question from Newbie

    Hi First post - can any one help me? I have inherited a Finnish Puukko knife from my Great Uncle who was a Whaler in the 1940-1960's. I have no idea whether the knife is a good one or not and would like some info on it before I decide to use it or buy a new one. The blade is 3mm...