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  1. Shewie

    6000 Matches

    Eight and a half million views :rolleyes:
  2. Shewie

    Sorel sizes?

    I'm finally treating myself to a pair of Sorels, but likely buying them online, what are the sizes like? Are they large anyway to take a thicker winter sock or should I go up half a size?
  3. Shewie

    Hair Ice Explained

    There was a thread about this a few years back but I couldn't find it. Take the article with a pinch of salt as it's classic Daily Mail but quite interesting nonetheless ...
  4. Shewie

    Berghaus Dry Pocket

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** I picked this up in a shop in the Lakes last summer, never really found a use for it though. It would make a good weatherproof camera case but I already have something similar. Berghaus Dry Pocket With Opti-Buckle Connection - horizontal/vertical placement Also...
  5. Shewie

    Pacsafe 85L

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** I used this once for a flight to Portugal a few years ago, it's been sat in a draw since. Pacsafe 85 In as new condition Quality brass padlock included P1030875 by Richard Sheward, on Flickr...
  6. Shewie

    Flippin' Out Slingshot

    I bought this from HillBill last year but since moved on to something else, so it might as well go .. Flippin' Out slingshot Double Theraband Gold so very capable Nice wide frame so fewer hits for a novice I switched the bands round when I got it, the palm...
  7. Shewie

    Bergans Morgedal Smock - Medium

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** Bergans Morgedal Smock in khaki Mens size medium In immaculate condition Great bit of kit that's sadly not getting used Can get pics if...
  8. Shewie

    Various items for sale

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** Just consolidating my remaining sales threads ... 45L Multicam bergen £80 - SOLD - Olive army bivvy bag £30 - WITHDRAWN...
  9. Shewie

    Evernew Solo Cookset

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** Another impulse buy .. 1 x Evernew Solo Set - 750ml Pot and 400ml Mug - 149g Evernew Code: ECA-278 1 x Evernew Meths Burner - 34g Evernew Code: EBY-254 1 x Evernew DX Stand - 52g Evernew Code: EBY-257 1 x Evernew Cross Stand/ Trivet -...
  10. Shewie

    Rab Survival Zone bivvy

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** Rab Survival Zone bivvy bag Pertex Shield In blue Only used once £50 incl Paypal & p&p
  11. Shewie

    USMC goretex bivvy bag

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** Genuine USMC goretex bivvy bag Brand new, never been out of the house Woodland camo £35 incl Paypal & p&p
  12. Shewie

    British Army goretex bivvy

    British Army goretex bivvy bag In olive green No tears or repairs, in excellent condition £30 incl Paypal & p&p
  13. Shewie

    45L Multicam Infantry Bergen

    The pack pile is toppling again .. Genuine PRI 45L Infantry bergen in multicam Side pockets included, no yoke though Some marker pen writing on the front webbing straps but otherwise mint I took a knife to to the panel inside to remove the hard radio pad, I'll include the pad but the cut...
  14. Shewie

    1.8L Mors Pot

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** I bought this on here a couple of months ago, it's brand new but it took a knock in transit on it's way to me. It was an impulse buy as they don't come up for sale very often, but it's just sat on my shelf since I opened it so it's unlikely...
  15. Shewie

    Trangia 27-1 UL - BNIB

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** Next up .. Trangia 27-1 UL Complete set, brand new in box £39 incl Paypal & p&p
  16. Shewie

    Terra Nova Superlite Solar 2.2 plus footprint

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** The clearout continues Terra Nova Superlite Solar 2.2 Plus foot print 2 person 2.1kg which can be halved for a respectable carry for two Superb 3 season tent, very stable in the worst of conditions DAC poles Titanium pegs In...
  17. Shewie

    Suunto Core Regular Black

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** Used for one trip and been sat in the box since Suunto Core Regular Black (clear face) Altimeter Barometer Compass Temperature Storm alarm Sunrise / sunset Depth meter for snorkeling Multiple watch, date and time functions...
  18. Shewie

    Warbonnet Ridgerunner DL & Cloudburst tarp - Brand New

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** More kit for sale .. Warbonnet Ridgerunner double layer bridge hammock Webbing and buckle suspension Warbonnet Cloudburst tarp Partners the Ridgerunner due to the location of...
  19. Shewie

    BSA Goldstar air rifle

    I'm testing the water a little here, not too sure what to ask for this BSA Goldstar in .22 Totally original and untampered with Original sights included 10 shot magazine included Bought new by myself in 1992, it's probably fired about 200 pellets in that time Some light knocks on the...
  20. Shewie

    Canvas Hot tent and Stove

    *** NOW SOLD THANKS *** I'm moving this on to make room for mkII :) The tent started life as a BCT Task Force 4 in 320gsm 100% cotton, Bilmo of this parish modded it with snow skirts, vents, side pull outs and a stove jack. The stove was built by myself out of a couple of...