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  1. Welshwizard

    Overnight with jackals

    Sounds great even though its only 5km from town good to have a wildlife experience like that .
  2. Welshwizard

    Don't care about power cuts any more!

    Looks great and definitely great value , we use to have a Tirolia cooker/range I think they are Scandanavian , it was in the house we moved into 35 years ago but after 20 years of family use it more or less fell apart , one Christmas we had our power off for 48 hours about 18 months after we...
  3. Welshwizard

    Big Ultrafire torch

    Is this sold now ?
  4. Welshwizard

    Have a SGC, should I apply for a FAC?

    .22 rimfire is also available in WMR which although is a little more expensive to run than .22 short or long rounds does not ricochet like long or shorts it also has a lot more energy and hence more knock down power , .17 hmr has a very flat trajectory but is a more expensive round and also very...
  5. Welshwizard

    A night Out On Abergwesyn Common

    Nice trip for you both , was that first one your son has done , use to do a lot with my boys but youngest is 26 this year ,still recall how exciting they found it though before they got into all the game systems in their teenage years ,pity more youngsters were not involved in the outdoor life .
  6. Welshwizard

    pair childrens ski,s and poles

    Will fit child up to about shoe size 8 from memory , perhaps more, welcome to try them old but no problems ,all intact ,w.h.y. got ,swap for good .air rifle he 77k cash either way ?
  7. Welshwizard

    Anyone fancy sweden

    fantastic , my wife and youngest son (26) was out there 18 months ago and Finland they loved every bit of it - they got a taste for meatballs , moose and reindeer they also had two nights in the Ice hotel :o drinking Vodka !
  8. Welshwizard

    mora classic mods help

    You could always get a basic leather one from Heinnie Haynes -
  9. Welshwizard

    Wolf Attack on Dog

    its appalling how hard the lives are for some of these dogs that have originated from careless human care (or lack off) and it happens around the world ( including UK ) just cant understand why people have them and then dump them like a used condom , my wife works as district health worker and...
  10. Welshwizard

    Mora scout carry for illustrator skills?

    long time on here with no posts at all ?
  11. Welshwizard

    Anyone Made a moderator for shotgun

    Ok thanks Red .
  12. Welshwizard

    Anyone Made a moderator for shotgun

    what moderator did you buy and where from Red , how difficult are they to find , my RFD said he had never had to order one in ?
  13. Welshwizard

    Anyone Made a moderator for shotgun

    What chokes are they available in or are they all full , I think he had a .410 in stock along with the 20 .
  14. Welshwizard

    Anyone Made a moderator for shotgun

    Is that with the subsonics or is it appreciably quieter with all loads ? This is one of the guns I handled in 20 gauge at my RFD I found it quite nose heavy and hence unbalanced plus the £600 unbalanced my wallet ! I think these are proofed for up to 3" mag. loads in .410 cal , surely the...
  15. Welshwizard

    Anyone Made a moderator for shotgun

    Ok Red who or where did you buy your section 2 moderator from (bearing in mind it has to be F2F deal ) its fairly easy for me to find and buy a new or preowned hushpower shotgun of whatever calibre I want (.410 - 12) but to find a moderator in my RFD was quoted as being like rocking horse *hit...
  16. Welshwizard

    Anyone Made a moderator for shotgun

    yes designs vary and are most effective with subsonic shells as are rifles .
  17. Welshwizard

    Anyone Made a moderator for shotgun

    All legal and above board guys .
  18. Welshwizard

    Anyone Made a moderator for shotgun

    yes sorry you are wrong - section 1 means they have to be added to your licence , section 2 which includes shotguns means you can buy from a rfd or make and add to your own shotgun or buy from another certificate holder but the rfd option and buying elsewhere means F2F transaction whereas if you...
  19. Welshwizard

    How do you carry necknife

    thanks guys very helpful will have look on the bay if not call in shoe repair shop goodjob