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  1. madi

    Sold Boker-Plus Subcom Titanium

    How about £35 all in I’ll take it ?
  2. madi

    Ben orford craftsman sold

    Sorry sold
  3. madi

    Ben orford craftsman sold

    Ben orford craftsman in English yew been back to bens for a sharpen and in excellent condition hardly used £180 all in any questions please ask
  4. madi

    Sold Ben orford woodlander

    Not yet pal wrong time of year I think
  5. madi

    For Sale Ben Orford Parang - reduced even more

    Fancy trading the woodlander I have for sale ?
  6. madi

    Sold Ben orford woodlander

    Price drop
  7. madi

    Ray Mears 25th Anniversary Knife

    Me too I’ll buy that if you still have it
  8. madi

    Sold Ben orford woodlander

    as above in two tone English yew 01 steel brand new never used or carried with dangler sheath with fire steel £250 inc post
  9. madi

    Sold Stu Mitchell damasteel woodlore

    Sold pending funds
  10. madi

    Sold Stu Mitchell damasteel woodlore

    Stu Mitchell woodlore in 4mm grosserosen damasteel with desert iron wood scales comes with genuine woodlore sheath never used ,sheath has a few storage marks , to commission a knife of this stature today would cost £600 plus and a long wait I’ve never seen another one of these come up price...
  11. madi

    Fallkniven TK3

    Payment sent
  12. madi

    Fallkniven TK3

    I'll take this please
  13. madi

    A wood

    Hi has anyone been in contact with alan a lately or have you an email addy for him please failing that is there any masters of the Scandi grind who would like to give my woodlore a bit of tlc tia mark
  14. madi

    Woodlore for Sale (bought in the year 2000, not much has changed, but it's been used)

    Yes you should sell pm me what it is 😉😂
  15. madi

    2 x Mora Companion Heavy Duty...

    2nd dibs please
  16. madi

    Alan Wood/Ray Mears Woodlore knife

    Ok lt me know please
  17. madi

    Alan Wood/Ray Mears Woodlore knife

    Is this still for sale ?
  18. madi

    Buck 110

    Who too mate have you been getting my msgs ?