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  1. Tengu

    Dressing for a Job Interview

    Havent been to a job interview in yonks! I have a suit; a rumply linen one. Maybe not; as a) Rumply. (normal for linen) b) Summery. c) I dont feel happy in it. Should I go for smart casual? Its for a museum job, so museum folk are often smart casual...
  2. Tengu

    Phoenix mountaineering sleeping bag

    Yup, I am having a big heartsearch over this but I already have one of the bigger snugpacks... ...and I think everyone knows my distaste for sleeping bags; almost as big as my distaste for hammocks. Anyone know anything about it?
  3. Tengu

    Not the Common or Garden Vango force 10

    I am having a clear out and there are things that I have picked up, over the years that I am certain I will never use. So, time for an evaluation. I have your standard Force 10, Is it the Mark 4? I find it very handy. I have another of that stable; its smaller and has a single leg at the...
  4. Tengu

    Is my Trangia a 25 or a 27?

    Found one at the local antique shop; most of his stuff is overpriced, unless you really desire it, but no harm in asking. £10 So I decided to take a punt it has 2 pans, a frying pan and a kettle. Which one is it?
  5. Tengu

    WANTED Mechanical Pencil

    I prefer wooden ones! But I am told that I need a mechanical one in the field, less lead and solesschance of carbon contamination. I have lots to trade beeswax 5 inch KFS set, brand new leather
  6. Tengu

    My New Gang Thought you might like to see them. They have only just opened up. No doubt will do awesome things in the future, and I will be part of that!
  7. Tengu

    Magnum millitary trainers

    I used to have an OG pair, different brand (unbranded) They did me good service. Are these any good? I see them all over ebay.
  8. Tengu

    Mountainlife Micro 50 1 season sleeping bag

    As seen £20 inc post
  9. Tengu

    Elwell Kent pattern Hatchet head

    4 inches across ((10cm) a bit rusted but sound. £15 inc post
  10. Tengu

    Two Brass Lions

    A friend was sorting out recycling and I grabbed these They seem at some period to have been rivetted to leather; harness decorations? Just over 2 Inch 5cm high. I would be looking for; paracord leather beeswax brass buckles
  11. Tengu

    Academic Balls of Steel...

    Submitting a paper for a periodical. "No, not the one I did at the Conference...that was a bit of fun, and I am not sure I can do justice to the subject...I really don't want you thinking I am a chump...How about I write a paper on something that I do know well and am confident I can do a good...
  12. Tengu

    This is what it is like at Postgrad level....

    I signed up for Historic Buildings Conservations and Management. We have a stellar and much storied team. First lesson! On seeing us loose with cameras on our trip we have been told for the next few trips (we have been promised lots of trips) NO CAMERAS We are to each get a cheap sketch pad...
  13. Tengu

    Vango Confort 7.5 self inflating mattress

    Like so A gift from a friend, only used once. I will stick to my bed thank you. It has a bag with it. I am looking for; Some art materials, watercolour mainly (see what you have) I am having to...
  14. Tengu

    Foxes and Rats and Neighbours oh my!

    They told Dad and not me which is telling. Allegedly I have a family of foxes in the garden, and rats (and a muntjac) I need to do something. (My Garden is a jungle but theirs is gravel...I swear they spray bleach over it every day...So you see our ideas on gardens are diametrically opposite)...
  15. Tengu

    WANTED Female 20mm QR clips

    I need three. Doesnt matter if they are a bit scratched up. I have lots to swap
  16. Tengu

    Medics pack Like this but better condition. I need to clean it and replace a few clips. Anyone know anything about it? I am tempted to keep it for my sewing
  17. Tengu

    My blogging

    I dont like to blow my trumpet but several folk at the Moot want to see what I have done. And lots of interesting Swindon stuff done by my host.
  18. Tengu

    Research Papers needed; fuels and firelighting methods in the Outer Hebrides.

    A proper academic paper for once. But I need data. any suggestions?
  19. Tengu

    An interesting? article At that price why not get a camper and be done with it?
  20. Tengu

    Book; Producing your own power, -Carol stoner 1976

    book clearout. this is a Hardback, decent though not perfect condition Im looking for leather, horn, antler or Hexi.