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  1. lab72

    Outdoor action .com

    Exactly :(
  2. lab72

    Outdoor action .com

    No stove got sent back Cost me £8 to post back
  3. lab72

    Outdoor action .com

    Ordered a stove from them then when it arrived it was the wrong model phoned them up , they said return it and they would send the correct one out, but no they refunded me then the bloke on the other end basically says not my problem that's it in a nutshell .
  4. lab72

    Outdoor action .com

    What more do I need to you ?
  5. lab72

    Outdoor action .com

    Heads up avoid ! Rude and and shocking customer care .
  6. lab72

    Too much gear to carry. Load solutions?

    Carp porters are the way forward
  7. lab72

    Bergans Lavvo S - 4/6 Man Tipi Tent and Frontier Wood Burning Camp Stove

    Stove wise the Frontier is a good bit of kit, but soon as it gets cold the first 20 inch up from the ground in the larvvu will be quite cold , The Helsport is a different beast gets the whole lavvu hot :)
  8. lab72

    Which stove

    Trangia here I quite like the slow pace of them .
  9. lab72

    Canvas Haversack

    Cheers for the link been after one of these for a while :You_Rock_
  10. lab72

    Smocks. I know I know but...

    Smocks here
  11. lab72

    DD 3x3 pyramid tent setup

    Fantastic set up , Nice one :cool:
  12. lab72

    pot cosy material, what to use

    Cheers mate thats appreciated :cool:
  13. lab72

    pot cosy material, what to use

    I used this stuff held together with the silver tape .
  14. lab72

    Losing your best friend

    My thoughts are with you at this hard time .
  15. lab72

    Sealing canvas seams on a tent

    Hi whats the best thing to seal seams on a canvas tent ? was thinking some form of wax ? cheers
  16. lab72

    Is Ray Mears Launching His Own Range Of Rucksacks

    Just what I was thinking .
  17. lab72

    Frontier Stove ( Pic heavy)

    Has anybody sussed a way to stop the chimney wobbling ?
  18. lab72

    John Muir BBC tv

    Thanks for link , really enjoyed that .
  19. lab72

    Duluth pack - ebay heads up

    Oh Thats a tad pricey !:lmao:
  20. lab72

    Camping and Carravaning club

    Me too well worth it :D