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    Saami Handcrafts - Part Two

    Are they any technics that prepares the antler before carving, ive heard you shove it in a bucket of water for a while to soften it up, Anyone else got additional info on this. :confused:
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    whats your favourite

    My trangia, sami style knife, and my axe :) Simples !
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    Thanks a billion mate ! Just the kind of stuff i was looking for !!! :D

    Thanks a billion mate ! Just the kind of stuff i was looking for !!! :D
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    Are mallards edible?

    Simple Answer - Aye. :)
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    flints for steel?

    I sent a pm regarding buying the flint.
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    Are you embarrassed in what you do ?

    You got it spot on. As a fellow Scot you know what the central belt is like nowadays
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    Fun Projects?

    Make a Kuksa !!
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    Fun Projects?

    Bullroarer i think its called
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    Pine Resin

    Ive heard of people making chewing gum out of it. I don't think it would be harmful don't take my word on it though .
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    Are you embarrassed in what you do ?

    Thanks Guys thank so much so your support and advice, it really means alot guys. I thought i would be the odd one out in this situation but it seems not. " To get to heaven you need to go through hell a few times "
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    Are you embarrassed in what you do ?

    Thanks for your help guys. You can make a difficult situation more easier, i keep myself to myself about doing Bushcraft its not that im not a social person i just see my intrests as my own. And not wanting to seem stupid to mention to another friend "Want to go up the forest this morning...
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    Are you embarrassed in what you do ?

    Im 16 and being up in the woods all the time and learning about them is'nt the coolest thing to be doing at my age. When others ask " What were you doing up there with a steel billy can ?" i find it hard to reply because i feel that they wont understand or consider it as nerdish. I usally make...
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    boots, glorious boots!

    Are they a UK distributor of Matterhorns ?
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    Winter/Snow Camo

    Yeah if thats the case i want to order the winter gear as soon as possible. Myabe around Oct - Feb
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    Swedish&Austrian Combo

    I would certainly buy that. I like the designs on the blade, what did you do to get them like that ?
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    Mora re-handle finished!

    Did you just sand the handel down for a while till you got its desired shape .
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    Winter/Snow Camo

    Are there any sites that sell them ? both the brit arctic whites and american m65 trousers.
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    Winter/Snow Camo

    Yeah i was looking at thoose aswell i was thinking of ethier getting harkila or tacgear and putting some white german oversuits on them becuase i do alot of red stag shooting up north, and going about in green in the middle of winter you stick out like a sore thumb.
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    norgie ruck sack with side pockets

    I would be intrested in buying one aswell
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    Mora re-handle finished!

    I know this sounds really stupid lol but im not the best bushcrafter in the world still a newbie lol but how did you get the old handel off ?