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  1. BILLy

    Struggling with this seashore plant, help needed please

    Hi all Been doing some coastal flora and fauna research and came across one I'm not familiar with, and would like to ask for some help with its ID please When I crushed the leaf it spelt very peppery and mustardy. The pictures should tell you more Cheers Bill Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. BILLy

    Anyone good on their seaweed ID?

    Some pics and vids I took last week on the beach, can anyone help please with the ID of each? Cheers Bill First two pics are the same seaweed, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. BILLy

    Looking for help with this little violet coloured flower please

    Spotted this this morning and took some pics, have checked my ref books and can't seem to find it, it was on the side of a quite road, not far from the shore line. Any help is much appreciated Thanks Bill Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. BILLy

    An ID needed on this one please guys

    Hi all Looking for someone to tell me what these beauties are please Thanks Bill Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. BILLy

    Is this the deadly ..

    Hi guys Been doing some hunting and came across this plant which we (my dog) walked through and only when I got home tried to look it up, is it the deadly nightshade? Kind regards Bill And it was growing amongst turnips grown for cattle, could this be a problem for the farmer if they got...
  6. BILLy

    looking for a SS bcb flask/canteen

    Hi all I've been after a stainless steel BCB FLASK/CANTEEN, the type that will fit inside my SS mug, the ones I`ve seen have a small ish screw lip, but the one i want is with the wider mouth lid, very much like MCQ uses, but cant seem to find one. any help much appreciated Regards Bill
  7. BILLy

    Orchid looking wild flower, but is it?

    Early walk this morning I seen this lovely looking wild flower, I'm away at the mo and didn't bring my ref books with me.. Can anyone put a name to this? Cheers Bill Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. BILLy

    Can anyone ID is this chaga?

    Hi All Been for a walk whilst visiting Northumberland, and came across this stuff, can anyone confirm 100% if this is Chaga please? Regards Bill Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. BILLy

    2 way satellite communicator

    Hi Does anyone use or has used such a device for expeditions or other uses? I'm after some info on such devices please, like which ones are good, what case would you take one with you for example, how do they work, pro's and cons if you would. I'm looking to maybe get one for my son who will be...
  10. BILLy

    anyone tried the Steripen

    Hi All My boy is on the travel in Dec, and some places he`ll visit are amongst others India, Phuket Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Everest base camp, Kathmandu, and I’m looking for something that will ease the chance of D&V, been reading up on the steripen, does anyone have any info they could...
  11. BILLy

    Some more wild flowers I need I'd for please

    Number two Number three Number four Number five I'm going through this book at the mo Thanks everybody Bill Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. BILLy

    First aid + kit advice for traveling the world please

    Hi all Im after your help and advice on the above please? I'm looking to put a good first aid kit and other bits in that will help my lad who is embarking on a round the world trip, factors to what goes in the kit will be weight and room, obviously we won't be able to put everything in for every...
  13. BILLy

    Dill like tree on the beach

    Hi all Took this pic today but got no idea of what it is, it's grows on the shore, and the wood part of the tree looks a bit like willow, but the foliage looks a bit like the herb dill. Any thoughts are welcome Thanks Bill Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. BILLy

    No one talks about wet proofs

    Hi All When it comes to kit clothes etc I read lots on warm clothing like bush shirts made from wool etc, but I dont come across much on wet proofs, so can you post whats your go to wet proof gear please to give me an idea of whats good. Thanks Bill
  15. BILLy

    Looking for the best sleeping mat e.g. thermarest/exped, whats your choice and why

    Hi All This is an area of kit I’ve been looking at for quite some time, although most of my nights woodland camping has been done hanging from trees, I’m looking to do more walking this year, so in preparation for grown dwelling, an item such as a ground mat needs careful consideration before...
  16. BILLy

    Chaga tea, can anyone tell me where

    Hi all I'm looking to try some Chaga tea, can anyone recommend a producer of it please, what I expect to taste, and how to drink it please Cheers Bill Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. BILLy

    Seen this Wild yellow flower,

    On way back home from a visit to the woods tonight and seen this lovely yellow wild flower, wish I new what it was called! Thx for answers all
  18. BILLy

    necker knife

    Hi all. i`m in the market for a necker knfe, cross between an enzo full grind and a viking style handle, must have upside down LEATHER sheath Thanks Bill
  19. BILLy

    Plant ID

    Hi All Struggling with this plant, cant find it anywhere, any help much apriciated
  20. BILLy

    Another plant id please

    This is growing next to a small running rivet so land Is quite wet, It was about a foot high all in, Thanks Bill