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    Red & BBs retirement home......

    Cracking thread, really enjoyed reading through that. Great house Red not jealous at all. Cheers Simon
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    Hammocks, Time to get mine!

    DD tarps rock. or you could look at these should fill your Hammock needs Cheers Simon
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    The bushcraft industry

    Twice the distance from the middle to the end of course..... Simon
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    sleeping bag help

    My Alpkit 400 is much faster. Simon
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    sleeping bag help

    Hi Chinook, I have a snugpak softie 12 and 2 pipe-dreams (400 & 800) from alpkit. I used the softie for many years and really liked it the only thing that really bugged me was the pack size and weight. The two pipe-dreams are cracking, lightweight and really comfy the one bad part was the...
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    Lets see your Hammocks!!!!

    My New toy :headbang: and with someone in it, I like Bridge hammocks and the old one: Seen loads of use Cheers Simon
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    Song of the Paddle forum...

    Not just me then.... and I've been out taking photo's of my new hammock to answer some questions Bah...
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    Mini Lantern

    cracking, might be interested in one of those
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    DD hammocks group buy

    Woo Hoo got mine this afternoon. Thanks again Steve
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    Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Review (Pic Heavy)

    There's two prams in the background, both are ours and both were occupied - not quite lazy enough to push my gear about in a pram...
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    Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Review (Pic Heavy)

    In an word no.. If you look at the first drawing, a normal gathered end hammock is without the bathtub shape (hammock bed). Cheers Simon
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    Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Review (Pic Heavy)

    Bah I was over there last weekend if I'd have known you were going down that way I'd have joined you for an hour or two, No unfortunately not had the time yet we've just got a new addition to the family do it's all a bit mental at the moment Simon
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    Need to get this off my chest

    Review Here
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    Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Review (Pic Heavy)

    Manufacturers blurb: The most significant redesign of hammocks since sailors plied the seven seas sleeping in remnants of sail cloth gathered at the ends and suspended from the belly beams of wooden sailing ships hundreds of years ago. Description: The Jacks ‘R’ Better Bear Mountain Bridge...
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    Sleeping Bag reccomendations......

    Number Here
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    DD hammocks group buy

    Hi Steve, I'm sorry but I'm one of those that sent it as a gift. Hope I've not caused you and stress. As for the remaining keep it, have a pint on me. Simon
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    DD hammocks group buy

    Dosh sent via paypal Cheers Simon
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    info about Inflatable Canoe

    I suggest you have a read through here Linky There's plenty to choose from. We own a gumotex baraka and that would easily cope with what you're suggesting, but it is a bit on the pricey side. I've also heared some good things about the seylor boats. If you really want to dream have a look at...
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    The Change One Letter Game

    Clot to Clod
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    Canadian canoeing holiday

    Rich, Did you post this in the wrong forum? Have a chat with either sk8r or Lloyd over on SOTP they might be able to point you in the right direction.I think Lloyd might even do some guiding himself. Simon