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  1. chimpy leon

    For Sale Spyderco Manix 2 in Rex45

    Manix 2 Sprint edition: Burnt orange G10 and Rex45 blade steel. G101GPBORE2 designation. Made in USA model. As new in box. Just out for photos, has never been used or carried. Comes with box, manufacturers warranty, maintenance guide, sprint model description Its a solid knife with outstanding...
  2. chimpy leon

    For Sale Spyderco native 5 LW in Rex 45

    Lightweight Native 5 Sprint edition in burnt orange FRN and Rex45 blade steel. C41PBORE5 designation. Made in USA model. As new in box with manufacturers warranty, maintenance guide, sprint description and desiccant bag. This has never been used or carried. £120 via bank transfer or £125 via...
  3. chimpy leon

    Sold Sharps bundle feat. Old hickory and Mora

    For sale as a job lot bundle only: Mora Companion Robust “30 years of bushcraft” Woodlore edition. Light storage marks on blade, otherwise unused. Mora spoon knife, right handed version. Very light use carving through lime once. Still has factory sharp edge. Old Hickory butchers knife. Used...
  4. chimpy leon

    Withdrawn Mora bundle

    For sale as a job lot bundle: Mora Companion Robust “30 years of bushcraft” Woodlore edition. Light storage marks on blade, otherwise unused. Mora spoon knife, right handed version. Very light use carving through lime once. Still has factory sharp edge. Mora Pro C blade. Unfinished project...
  5. chimpy leon

    Sold Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet

    GB Hand hatchet. This is basically new. I originally bought it from Nordic outdoors about 10 years ago and only used it briefly once to take some bark off a log, cleaned it, then stored it away until now, so still has the razor sharp factory edge. It comes with the Axe book and its leather...
  6. chimpy leon

    Sold Cold steel GI tanto

    This has been used, carried and sharpened. A small amount of the black coating on the blade has been scuffed and scratched through use. Very good condition overall. Comes with Secure-ex sheath and original cold steel box. £25 via bank transfer please. Strictly over 18s and UK address only.
  7. chimpy leon

    Sold Spyderco Delica 4

    With Orange FRN. Brand new. Never, carried, cut or sharpened. Has been stored in its box since I bought it. Over 18s only. Payment via bank transfer please. £65 including postage.
  8. chimpy leon

    Sold Spyderco PM3 lightweight

    For sale is my PM 3 lightweight with black FRN - C223PBK As new comes in box with product info guide. £85 by PayPal or BACS. That includes 1st class signed for delivery. UK delivery only, over 18s only please.
  9. chimpy leon

    Mini-skrama mini project

    I finally got around to handling my mini-skarma blade that’s been sat around for years. I have ground the spine of the blade to change the profile slightly, and the ground the handle’s choil and palm swell to allow a bit more space for all four fingers. Scales were salvaged from old oak floor...
  10. chimpy leon

    Hardwood catapult handles

    I’m just trying gauge whether there would be any interest in selling my handles/ “Y” frames for catapults that I’ve accumulated from tree cutting jobs over the years. I have 6 just gathering dust in the garage. Various hardwoods, a small degree of difference in size. Will get some pics if any...
  11. chimpy leon

    Sold Bark River Gunny

    For sale is my Bark River Gunny in A2 steel. Green Micarta handle scales. Waxed Leather sheath. Original box. Blade has a few light scratches/scuffs but otherwise is in excellent condition. £120 including delivery. Over 18s and UK delivery only.
  12. chimpy leon

    Small basic grill?

    Im after a small flat grill for open fire cooking. Nothing fancy just the mesh type and say Approx 12”x6” or thereabouts - just small so not like the size of a oven rack. I’ve seen some on various YouTube channels but they are sold in the US at a premium, especially once you factor in the ransom...
  13. chimpy leon

    hard wearing wellies that will last

    I have been wearing wellies that are supposedly quality ones by the likes of Aigle, Muck and Grub. The thing is they only last a max of 18 months until they start falling apart and start letting water in. This which surprises me as 90% of the time it’s only dog walking through marsh, fields and...
  14. chimpy leon

    Sold Falkniven A1

    Falkniven A1 As new, taken out of box to inspect, then straight back in. All original packaging it came with is present. This particular one has the most even lamination line I’ve seen in a Falkniven. £180. Now £160 via BACS including postage. Over 18s and UK buyer only please.
  15. chimpy leon

    Petromax cast iron pans?

    Does anyone have any experience with Petroxmax cast iron? Namely their skillet frying pans? How do they compare to others at the same price point for quality and durability, say by the likes of Lodge etc? Thanks, Leon
  16. chimpy leon

    Sold Mora Eldris

    Mora Eldris in red Boxed As new. Comes with sheath. carried once but not used. £18 via PayPal. Including delivery.
  17. chimpy leon

    Sold E.jonsson moras x 2

    PRICE: £25 via PayPal including delivery Description: 2 x E.Jonsson moras - 1 and a 2 I think theses are called. smaller one has 94mm blade, larger one has 113mm blade. Both have full handle length stick tangs. Both are unused and uncarried, but with small storage marks on handle paint from...
  18. chimpy leon

    Sold Falkniven U2

    Falkniven U2 for sale. I've not had this long - Carried it once and used it to peel an apple, so It's like new and obviously still has the razor sharp factory edge. Nice little knife but a bit too small for me. £55 via PayPal inc delivery Over18's and uk only.
  19. chimpy leon

    Sold 2 x E. Jonsson Moras + leather strop

    Hello, For sale are 2 x mora e.jonssons: #1 E.Jonsson As new. This the older version of the #1 that has the tang that runs all the way through handle. Blade 92mm long. Leather and plastic sheath. A few small chips to red handle paint from sheath rivets but not deep. #2 E.Jonsson As new. Again...
  20. chimpy leon

    For Sale E.Jonsson Mora

    Its the shorter version of the two with 92mm of blade. The all time classic with full-length stick tang and leather sheath loop. This one has never been carried or used but does have 3 x small marks on the handle dye where the sheath rivets have contacted the handle. £20 via PayPal. Over 18's...