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    Discussing the design of Pockets:

    Good to know. I used to buy M&S jeans but stopped when they reduced the depth of the front pockets. I don't understand why they would do it. How much material can it be saving?
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    The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

    It depends how they draft the law. If the law says you mustn't send a knife direct to a customer, then the seller might have committed the offence as soon as they put it in the post box, regardless of where the customer is. Personally I'm more worried about the other direction. It'll be a...
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    Heads Up Boil-in-Bag Meals

    Yes they've cut the pack sizes of the LWWF a couple of times, originally they were 300g then 270g and now 250g. The range is a lot smaller too. They'll disappear entirely soon I expect.
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    The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

    I read a piece in the paper yesterday about proposed changes to the antique firearms laws, I'm guessing that'll be part of the same bill. Currently if a firearm is pre-1939 and of a designated "obsolete calibre" for which ammunition is no longer available, you can own it as a curio without a...
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    The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

    I can imagine that for sales within the UK, this ID requirement might be an easily solved problem. As has been previously mentioned, the Royal Mail could offer a service where the sender can specify that the recipient should have to collect from the post office and present ID. OK for 99% of...
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    Reducing Knife Blade Length

    As far as I know this hasn't been tested in court, and while that might seem to be the common-sense interpretation of the phrasing in the legislation, there's no guarantee that a judge would interpret it that way. As we know, the courts have applied some unexpected mental gymnastics to this...
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    Wild camping in the UK

    If just having a mobile phone and canned food is glamping, what do you call it when you have a 3-bedroom tent with carpeting throughout, a fridge and a microwave? :)
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    5.11 Rush 72 pack

    A second vote for Wisport, I have the 35l Whistler and it's very well made. Lots of adjustment, and a great hip belt, but it's on the heavy side. I still had 5.11 Rush organiser envy though, I ended up making an internal organiser out of a cheap fishing vest.
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    Leaky US style bottles

    I made one out of cork, but when it's dry it shrinks and falls out of the cap. A silicone baking sheet sounds just the job. Where do you buy something like that?