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    fly tying gear full setup

    stonefly fly tying gear for trade vice and light ,waste bag,stonefly tool kit. stonefly bag with lots of bits extra tools capes feathers,floss,threads beads,etc etc lots of kit will need collecting or courier at for why xl,xxl gear or blades, consider anything really. trade value...
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    fly tying full kit

    full fly tying kit stonefly vice with light and waste bag, stone fly tool kit, stonefly tying bag full of bits theres floss,hooks tools,tinsels,capes,feathers,pretty much everything and lots of it also books, looking for around £220 trade mark will need picking up or courier...looking for maybe...
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    Victronix large survival kit

    Large survival kit all in very good condition bearly used added a fshing kit and few other bits. would like to trade for sharps, torch,watch,binos. or why?
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    possibles pouch and fire piston

    have a possibles pouch dark brown and fire piston (cocobolo) from USA and fungus lube etc. im looking for a neck knife, or a nice xl xxl, jacket or why! try me.
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    suunto core black and green

    suunto watch black and green dial negative face has leather strap no scratches to face sometimes top right button refuses to work but dosent efect anything, can be sent for a service (they pick it up and send it back) Looking to trade for diffrent watch or £100 mark trading cos i have another...
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    bunch of stuff to trade

    Hammock the parachute type, that were sold here a while back gransfors bruks small forest axe as new barnet cattapult and ammo erik frost mora crook knife will trade all for a snugpak!!