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  1. lab72

    Outdoor action .com

    Heads up avoid ! Rude and and shocking customer care .
  2. lab72

    Sealing canvas seams on a tent

    Hi whats the best thing to seal seams on a canvas tent ? was thinking some form of wax ? cheers
  3. lab72

    Dutch bits

    The Dutch bits have been sent did them 2nd class as customs ripped me off.:D
  4. lab72

    Changing wording

    When some of you put a link up you change the wording from the original link to "link or linky etc etc how do you do this ?
  5. lab72

    Dutch Ware Group Buy Payment

    Right here is the totals is the paypal address.Please pay as gift ta :) Hopefully we dont get stung by customs if we do we will cross that bridge when we get to it .Oh could you pm your address please and leave a note with payment on paypal so i know who is...
  6. lab72

    Dutch Ware group buy

    Right chaps add your name if you are wanting some dutch Flyzs or Hooks. lab72 roe ring neumo
  7. lab72

    Customs fees

    Hi all I just ordered some kit from the states and a few things have arrived no issues but I had customs bill for one item but not the others ,I was told that anything over the value of £18 you have to pay customs I understand but why have some items been added with tax but not others all...
  8. lab72

    NCFE Advanced Bushcraft Award

    Just booked a place on this course has anyone done it ??
  9. lab72

    wood burner in a tent

    Does anybody know the best way of putting a chimney though the skin of a tent ?:confused:
  10. lab72

    Oxfordshire bushcrafters group

    Just started a Oxfordshire bushcrafters group :) join up if you are in Oxfordshire :cool:
  11. lab72

    Any body bushcrafing in oxon

    Hi all went for a walk today at Badbury Clump nr faringdon does anybody go bushcrafting there? as i came across a lot of nicely built shelters .
  12. lab72

    BBC 4 now

    Dont know if any ones intressed but there is a program on BBC4 about the history of British camping .
  13. lab72

    Mors bush pot

    Hi all ,does any body know were to get a mors bush pot ? four dogs dont seem to have it on there site .
  14. lab72

    A bimble on the Ridgeway

    Went for a bimble on the Ridge Way today with the dog.:D Tryed out my new DD hammock and tarp /and had a brew. Looking back down towards Waylands smithy. Walking towards White Horse Hill. Just getting to White Horse Hill. Just in case i did not know which way to go...
  15. lab72

    You lot are great !

    Just like to say you lot are the best ! A real family :You_Rock_
  16. lab72

    Whats this ???

    Does anybody know what this plant is ? and its seed pods ????
  17. lab72

    what to put on my spoons

    Hi does any body know what varnish or treatment etc to use on my spoons that i carved ??? :confused:
  18. lab72

    A t shirt for the budding bushcrafter

    Saw this and nearly spat my tea allover the lap top :lmao:
  19. lab72

    a weekend at the ridge way

    Went vehicle base camping this weekend heres some pics
  20. lab72

    Knife show

    Anyone going ?