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  1. Zodiak

    Primus Stoves

    My Scout group has a crate of old Primus stoves and bits which we have been hording until somebody can "do something with them" but so far nobody has the time or interest. This is a shame as I am sure there are people out there who would love them and put the back into use, so could somebody...
  2. Zodiak

    Trangia Gas Alert.

    Yesterday morning the crimp holding the gas feed tube to the burner on my trangia failed. The pipe came off, caught fire and I had a jet of flames coming out of the base. Fortunatley I was no where near it at the time. I will post photos, but if you have one please check that the crimps are...
  3. Zodiak


    We had anew scout join my ESU last week. She said when will we go camping next, now the season is almost over? One of teh older boys replied "Over? Its only just starting" I loved it :)
  4. Zodiak

    Convert IPK to Basha

    Has anybody tried puitting eyelets onto the corners of IPK/generic heavy plastic sheets, so that I can use them as bashas for kids? If so how did you do it please? Z
  5. Zodiak

    Any idea where I can get one of these?

    can anybody please point me towards a cheap source of 1 - Tins / containers for fire kits. 2 - Stainless steel containers to convert into billies Thanks Z
  6. Zodiak

    Basha/Tarp sizes

    Does anybody know if all the differrent types of "MOD" tarps clip together please? Mine is the lightweight (650gm) version and I would like to add a second one to give me some more room. I would buy another lightweight one if necessary but would prefer to buy the heavier one if possible this...
  7. Zodiak

    Tarps on the Cheap?

    Does anybody know if it would be possible to cut down a large (8m x 6m) plastic tarpaulin (think B&Q plastic sheet but in DPM) into smaller sections (3m x 2m) and use them for personal tarps? How would I sel the edges? Would I need to run a length of paracord inside the edge seam to help...
  8. Zodiak

    Duke of Edinburghs Bushcraft for Girls - Sanity check please!

    I am a teacher and have offerred to run an after school Bushcraft Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award course for 16 14/15year old girls. Its a long story :) I would welcome sombody to sanity check my ideas. It will be 6 one hour sessions after school and an overnight stay on a local farm...
  9. Zodiak

    Kelly Kettle

    Help to anybody else with a Kelly Kettle :( One the few occasions I have set it up properly it works really well, 1ltr of water boiled in under 2 minutes, but as this is normally preceded with 20 minutes faffing about. I have tried thin bits of wood, thick sticks, thin sticks, short...
  10. Zodiak

    Magic Kelly Hammock

    I was out late night with my Explorer Scout unit and despite the BBC promising good weather it didn't stop raining all night so they all decided to use tents leaving me the only one in a hammock under a tarp, I was also the only one that slept all night and woke up dry this morning...
  11. Zodiak

    Magazine 4

  12. Zodiak

    Kelly Kettle

    I am considering buying a Kelly Kettle simply because they are big, shiney and burn things. :D I would welcome you opinions on them, especially whereis teh best price and is the accessories kit worth having? Thanks Z
  13. Zodiak


    No I am not trying to make frog noises! Can somebody tell me where I can find out how to rivet a bracket onto an ally pot, just the ones that hold the handle on my mess tin please? :confused: I don't really want to use pop rivets, they seem to work loose after a while. :( Thanks Z
  14. Zodiak


    Can anybody recommend a decent set of binoculars for around £70 please? No fancy gimicks or electronics please :-)
  15. Zodiak

    Bushcraft Magazine 5

    Hello! Has the new magazine been sent yet? Because as you can tell by the fact that I am posting this I don't have mine yet :(
  16. Zodiak

    Whats this animal?

    Whoops that was copyright so I have removed it but please check the site its neat :(
  17. Zodiak

    Scots want to ban Airguns

    Just found this on a scout forum Call for 'clarity' on airgun ban The power to ban airguns is reserved to Westminster The SNP has called on the first minister to "clarify" whether he will seek a Scottish ban on...
  18. Zodiak

    Money from Bushcraft

    I am in the interesting situation of having just been made redundant... :eek: I need to make some money while I get myslef sorted out. It would be great tomake a living out of a hobby but to me bushcraft has always been about doing things yourself with a minimum of kit. ;) Apart from...
  19. Zodiak

    Favourite bit of kit

    I bought a Petzl Myo XP on the Magickelly group buy last year and it really IS the dogs, no two ways about it. It has replaced my LED converted maglite as favourite torch and is probably my favourite bit of kit next to my Mara (and Magickelly Hammock). :lmao: Its the only torch I have...