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  1. Hunkyfunkster

    Pretty fungi

    Hi there lads and lassies, I wasn't in my new house this time last year and I've had these wee guys pop up in the garden. I'm not the best at fungi ID, but I think they're pretty cool to look at
  2. Hunkyfunkster

    Belt carry pouch

    Hi there, lads and lassies. I made myself a wee moulded pouch for my multitool and kinda got carried away. I've since added a hatchet mask and a belt to carry it a on. Hope you like it... Alex
  3. Hunkyfunkster

    First sporran type pouch

    Hi lads and lassies. I offer, for your perusal, my first attempt at a sporran type leather pouch. I'm quite chuffed with it as a first try. I haven't made anything in such a long time
  4. Hunkyfunkster

    Finally doing it....1st camp with 4 & 5 year olds

    Hi lads and lassies, I'm finally doing it. We've decided it's about time the girls had their first taste of camping, so on Friday we shall be boarding the boat and, all going well, camping on Loch Lomond for a couple of nights. I spent every summer as a child running and climbing and playing on...
  5. Hunkyfunkster

    Karrimor Global

    Hi lads and lassies I was recently given a Karrimor Global 35-50 rucksack. It's in really good condition. Only issue was that the detachable daysack is missing. Does anyone know where I might find one of these, or something else that would fit into the existing zip? Thanks
  6. Hunkyfunkster

    Mushroom forage for identification

    Hi guys. Found these while out with the dog today. Only picked one of each, for identification purposes, not eating,etc. Hoping to get Geoff's book for my birthday next month. Until then I'll be trawling t'interweb to learn as much as I can. This mushroom lark is rather interesting.
  7. Hunkyfunkster

    Spoon mule

    So, yesterday's wee project was to finish and use my spoon mule. Made from offcuts and an old chair, it works better than I expected. Planning some add ons for it now, including a shave horse attachment and maybe a bowl carving attachment too.
  8. Hunkyfunkster

    New spoon knife

    Hi guys. Just received my new Robin Wood spoon knife this morning. Don't know how well the pictures will show it, but the edge isn't exactly straight. It's a wee bit wavy. Is this normal for spoon knives/Robin Wood knives? I have no basis for comparison. It cuts well, but I don't fancy my...
  9. Hunkyfunkster

    Left handed Robin Wood compound curve spoon knife

    Hi folks. As title above, I bought a job lot of carving tools from a guy on Gumtree today and thought I was on to a winner as it contained the above knife. However, I need a right-handed knife. Can't win them all I guess. I'm dying to carve some spoons. The knife seems to have been well...
  10. Hunkyfunkster

    First attempt at a wet formed leather sheath...

    ...for my car key. I know it's not particularly bushcrafty, but this is is my first attempt at making something with leather and I think it's really spurred me on to try other things. I can see all the places I went wrong, and I was only using tools I had or made as needed. I think I might've...
  11. Hunkyfunkster

    Rusty buckles help...

    Hi guys. Today I took delivery of an order from Military Mart. Got some really nice bits too. I wanted a nice wee day pack for dog walkies and stuff, so i ordered a Yugoslavian 20l pack. It's in pretty good nick overall, but all the buckles are rather rusty. Can I soak the buckles in...
  12. Hunkyfunkster

    Rope storage and carry

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is in the right place, but it's a constant thorn in my side. I am USELESS at coiling rope. Always have been. Whenever I use rope or cordage, unless it's off a reel, I ideally spend ages untangling it, and again when packing it away. What awesome tips and...
  13. Hunkyfunkster

    Tatonka 500ml mug

    Hi guys The stainless steel Tatonka mug 500ml that I've been watching on eBay has just been reduced from £12 to £8 and change with free p+p. There's only a few left, but I thought it might benefit someone on here. Just hope it's that same price when I'm ready to get one, lol Item no...
  14. Hunkyfunkster

    Homemade wood burning hobo stove

    Hi guys I had some free time the other day, and a load of empty SMA milk tins just begging for a project. I thought I'd quickly knock up a little wood-burning stove. It works pretty well, and for a first attempt I'm not complaining...
  15. Hunkyfunkster

    Howdy from the Bonnie Banks

    Hi guys, just recently found this forum and have been totally immersed in it for the past few days, so thought i'd better do the polite thing and register with the site. I'm 35, live near Loch Lomond, and have always been outdoorsy. So far, browsing this site has filled me with inspiration...