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  1. Simon1

    Article: TBS Knives - The Boar Bushcraft knife Livefire Edition

    I second what jeffcat said, staff are really helpful, good old fashioned customer service a rear thing theses days!!
  2. Simon1

    Tbs knives

    Ive really got to like the TBS range, i own two boars, fixed blade one in Turkish Walnut with 5mm ss blade and the other a special edition 4.5mm blade, and i also own two grizzly as well!!!! All great knives, and the staff in the shop are great and will guide you in your purchase all the way...
  3. Simon1

    UKhammocks top quilt and other problems

    I wish i had done some better research before i ordered a jungle bushcraft chair from Ukh, i ordered mine in early March, and been fed all the same excuses that are all in the post, including that they were re locating the workshop to yorkshire........ That post was 2008!!!!!!! After being...
  4. Simon1

    TBS Grizzly MkII.....should i buy one?

    I'd go for a grizzly if you fancy one!! I like my curly birch one so much I'm looking to buy the macarta version...... if you get the curly birch remember to soak that scales in boiled linseed or they may lift slightly.....but I love mine!!!
  5. Simon1

    TBS Grizzly MkII.....should i buy one?

    I also have a grizzly, its a big boy, hair shaving sharp, maybe more a camp knife than a bushcrafter, but solid built never the less........
  6. Simon1

    medium size knife.... WIP

    Love it!! Dare I ask how much??
  7. Simon1

    name the knife comp

    The Torment!!
  8. Simon1

    Mods for my brothers of bushcraft knife sheath

    Hi all, I recently got a Tops B.O.B bushcraft knife, I like the knife but wasnt too keen on the sheath as it was, so I have modded it a little...... I had a leather back made by Evans knives that I replaced my Plsk copy with a Bhk back, so I have modded this to fit the kydex Tops sheath.... I...
  9. Simon1

    Quality time

  10. Simon1

    First overnighter of the year.... Pics heavy

    Ok Qwerty here goes, I have been coming to this spot for over 2 years know, I have managed to gain the trust of the farm manager so he lets me camp here under the rules that i do not disclose where it is, as they have had problems with deer poachers and the woods are strictly managed. You could...
  11. Simon1

    First overnighter of the year.... Pics heavy

    Thanks guys yes had a good time!! Although the heavens opened but the hammock held out!! Lol
  12. Simon1

    My latest woodie clone, made by Steve George of Wales.

    No he is a member on here, steve111, he is a real nice guy, try pm him if your interested in one of his knives. :)
  13. Simon1

    My latest woodie clone, made by Steve George of Wales.

    Hi all, just thought id post some pics of my great latest knife, its a woodie clone made by Steve George from Wales, great guy to deal with, his attention to detail is second to none!!! Woodie clone in 5mm 01 Tool steel, polished Camel bone scales with double red liners!!! As usual no...
  14. Simon1

    Thought id share a walk this morning with the hound down in kent. Pics heavy

    Thanks Cameron, Its where we take the dog for his regular walk where we live, very lucky to be living in a village, these shot came out better than i thought, as they were done on my phone!! Ha ha ha, although I got my finger in the way on a couple!!!! ;)
  15. Simon1

    Two Nights at Glyn Y Mul

    Great pics!!! Thanks for sharing!!