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    Wanted Case Seahorse..

    Anyone have a Case Seahorse Whittler that is looking for a new home? If you have, please PM me. Thanks
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    Sold Zephyros 2 tent

    Now sold. Thank you
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    Sold Zephyros 2 tent

    For sale is my unused Zephyros 2 tent. Bought last year, unpacked but never pitched or seen the light of day. Complete with all pegs and repair kit as supplied. Looking for £82.50 including postage. If interested or need more information please get in touch. Thanks, Alex
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    Withdrawn Flexcut Carvin Jack RH

    Thanks, apologies should have updated thread to "found"
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    New site - Bugs, Feedback & Questions

    Post Reply Issue This may be only happening on IOS browser but editing previously type text is not possible. If you do manage to select some text then it seems to be impossible to return to the end of line. I have not tried this on a desktop or android browser. Pls note it is possible to...
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    Ray Mears Folding Bucksaw - NEW

    PM sent.....or conversation started...
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    Withdrawn Flexcut Carvin Jack RH

    In search of a Flexcut Carvin Jack Right Handed. if anyone has one that is surplus to requirements and for sale please get in touch if you can help please PM me. Thanks Alex
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    Falkniven F1

    Sold. Thank you.
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    Falkniven F1

    Hi, for sale is a used but not abused F1. It has a few marks on blade from use and sharpening. Still lots of life left in the knife. Complete with leather sheath. Plastic covering on stud on sheath is worn. Get in touch with any questions or if interested. I seem to be having issues...
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    Found - TBS Boar

    ​Found - thanks
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    Found - TBS Boar

    I am looking to buy a TBS Boar. Anyone that has one that is looking for a new home please PM me. Thanks
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    TBS Boar Folding Scandi MkI

    PM sent, thanks
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    USA Leatherman

    Hiya Mark, PM on its way re leatherman
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    Nikko Stirling Mountmaster 3-9x40 rifle scope

    Fixed. It is model NMC3940 which I believe to be fixed.
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    Nikko Stirling Mountmaster 3-9x40 rifle scope

    I have an "as new", never fitted Nikko Stirling 3-9 x 40 Mountmster (model NMC3940) standard air rifle scope for sale. It was bought for my Weihrauch air rifle that I recently sold on the forum. It has been unboxed to check but never fitted. £20 posted in UK, Paypal please or cash on...
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    Sold Weihrauch HW99S .22 Air Rifle

    Sorry, but I would to sell rather than trade at moment. Thanks
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    Sold Weihrauch HW99S .22 Air Rifle

    Now sold, thanks. Hi All, Up for sale is my Weihrauch HW99S .22 (genuine UK Hull Cartridge stamped) air rifle. It was bought end of Feb 2014 and will be sold with original purchase receipt and box. About 20 Falcon Accuracy Plus pellets have been fired through the gun so it is in "as...
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    Honey stove and hive Expansion

    Is the honey/hive 2012 version? Thanks
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    FS Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe

    Now SOLD Thanks
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    Contacting Admin or Mioderators?

    Can anybody please tell me how to contact a moderator or forum administrator? After making a mistake in title of a thread and having no way to change it, some confusion my arise. I believe only admin can change the title. Thanks Alex