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    Are you embarrassed in what you do ?

    Im 16 and being up in the woods all the time and learning about them is'nt the coolest thing to be doing at my age. When others ask " What were you doing up there with a steel billy can ?" i find it hard to reply because i feel that they wont understand or consider it as nerdish. I usally make...
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    Winter/Snow Camo

    Alright Guys, i know its very late to be talking about this because in Sunny GB its the summer. But i'm wanting to know if you guys have came across any good parkas/trousers suitable for winter wear preferably a winter snow pattern on it or just plain white. Ive saw the German Snow over suit...
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    Blank Ferro Rods ?

    Alright Guys. Ive been looking around the internet for brit blank firesteel blanks. But no luck do you guys have any websites handy thanks.
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    Hawthorn Tree Edible.

    Alright Guys Since its summer up here in Sunny Scotland. :o I have a few hawthorn trees around the edges of my fence. Ive heard that the leaves and flower are edible. Also ive heard the little fruit can be used to make a jelly and is full of vitiman C. Can you guys give me any more...
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    Uses for Pine Trees

    Alright Bushcrafters I visit a local pine forest woodland daily and ive done the odd camping and bushcraft there. Also i enjoy the odd cup of Pine Tea in the morning when the sun rises next to the river there. Im wondering if they are any other uses for the pine tree. I know about the...
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    Collecting Birch Bark,

    I went a walk up my local woods today, i saw quite a number of mature silver birch trees, The forest is right at the end of a maze of golden fields. I was watching on youtube and reading birch bark can be used for a number of things as im sure most people on this fourm have heard. If not +1...
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    What to do next

    Hello Bushcrafters ! :D Im here to decide and discuss what project should i do in bushcraft next ? Im not the most expirenced when it comes to the seasons and time to do certain things. Since im in my teenage years Im wondering if you guys can help me decide. Myabe the vetrens of...
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    Dyes Used by The Vikings Traditional Method

    Hello Other Bushcraters ! :D Im having a bit of trouble finding out the infromation i need about natural dyes used by the Vikings and other Primitive Ancestors. Im very intrested in learning this old craft and im wondering if you guys have any information about dying wool. *...
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    Tapping Birch Trees for Sap

    Hey Guys, I live in the central of Scotland and im looking on tapping birch trees for there sap in the third week of March, recently in Scotland we've had a fair bit of snow here in late Febuarary. I wondering atol if that would have any effect on me tapping the birch trees would it hold the...
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    Greetings from Alba (Scotland)

    Alright People, Pinerevolver here just recently joined this forum ive been doing basic bushcraft skills for about 3 years now nothing fancy. Im going on a few Woodlore courses in June should be good fun ! I keep myself busy with my education (as im still studying) my BASC Level 1 Deer Stalking...
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    Flintknapping in Scotland

    I am very intrested in learning the traditional way of Flintknapping, but i live in Scotland and i dont see very many courses or related things to Flintknapping in Scotland. Im Wondering if you guys could help me out please that would be great. :)