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    Liard firebox

    Hi all, has anyone got a Liard firebox for sale. Thanks
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    Kent Meet

    Tuesday 19th July , 7:30pm. The usual pub in Fordwich. See you there.
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    Badgers,foxes and slugs.

    As it was a full moon and I was feeling restless I decided at half past ten the other night to get out and about.I filled up my Sigg bottle with water and packed the book I was reading into my rucksack,threw it into the car and drove to the woods. I was within 500 yards of where I leave the car...
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    Its a start....

    I was in the garden the other day, one of the few days when it was not raining! The squirrel was up in the trees above the footpath on the other side of the fence chattering away and generally telling me off for being in `his patch`. I heard some people coming down the path, then a small boy...
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    Gday from Kent

    Hi , Signed up a couple of months ago and forgot to say hi. I have a mostly outdoor life and hobbies, horses, sailing ,backpacking and canoeing/kayaking. Hope I might get to a local meet one day. Thanks