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  1. snozz

    For Sale Bivi bag wanted

    Any bivi bags for sale? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. snozz

    New (old) saw

    Just picked up this cross cut saw for larger logs before splitting with an axe. I've been looking at some YouTube videos on sharpening it - my plan is to place it in a vice between two planks of wood and use a file on the teeth, alternating direction. Does this sound about right? Snozz Sent...
  3. snozz

    Drizabone 3/4 length coat.

    Drizabone 3 quarter length coat in unused condition. Bought but wife doesn't like me in it! Chest is a generous 44 (measures 23" pit to pit). £65 Inc p&p Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. snozz

    Wanted Canvas Bedroll

    As title . Any canvas bedrolls for sale?
  5. snozz

    Vange Force Ten tent

    Does anyone have a Vange Force Ten tent for sale? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. snozz

    Wanted Gransford Hand Hatchet or similar

    Does anyone have a Gransfors Hand Hatchet or similar for sale?
  7. snozz

    Hutton Roof Crags

    Hutton Roof Crags near Kirkby Lonsdale. A myriad of vanishing paths, inaccessible trees and huge limestone pavements. Did a bit of radio as well. Views across to Morecambe Bay, the South Lakes and Ingleborough. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. snozz

    Recommendations for swb 4x4

    Looking for a swb 4x4. Had a Delica before, so swb Pajero in the running, as is a Toyota Colorado swb. Any others I could look at? Cheers Snozz Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  9. snozz

    Primastar (vivaro) Woes

    Ready to mend then sell my Primastar (Nissan badged Vivaro/ Trafic) - really fed up with it... Belt went last week that damaged 2 valves - £862 later running again. The very next day, alternator light came on - £203 later new alternator. 2 days later, driving up a hill, the glowplug warning...
  10. snozz

    Leather repair

    I have a pair of leather motorbike trousers where the zip has gone. Anyone here able to replace it?
  11. snozz

    WTD: Grill

    Wanted to post in Makers Market, but unable to. Is there anyone out there that could make me a grill for use on an open fire. Along the lines of the Tuscan Grill at the bottom of this page but without the £70 price tag! I want it for...
  12. snozz

    Wanted: iPhone 4

    My daughter is after an iPhone 4. Anyone have one for sale before I hit Cex?
  13. snozz

    Tilley Hemp Hat - 7 7/8

    Tilley Hemp Hat for sale. Big head sized, 7, 7/8 (62.5 cm). Bought on here,but just that bit too big. In great condition, some discolouration to one of the brass eyelets where the headstrap goes. £35 delivered to UK.
  14. snozz

    Hunka Bivi Bag Wanted

    Anyone have a standard Alpkit Hunka for sale?
  15. snozz

    Wanted Swanndri

    Anyone have a green swanndri size large for sale?
  16. snozz

    G-shock watch

    Does anyone have a G-shock watch for sale? Preferably with digital display. Cheers Snozz
  17. snozz

    Help wanted: making a frame for a hanging seat

    Off topic slightly, but my daughter would like a hanging seat in the garden. Anyone near Leeds that could make a stand such as this? Failing that, any suggestions to making something that will hold a weight that is swinging around. Happy to make something out of wood, just worried about the...
  18. snozz

    Not very Bushy, but does anyone have an android tablet they are thinking of moving on

    My son has some birthday money and is looking at android tablets. Does anyone have one for sale before I have to chip in to get him something half decent?! Snozz
  19. snozz

    Frost River Isle Royale or Junior

    It's my birthday at the end of March. My mum offered to get me an ipad as it's my 40th, but I've had a think and have asked if she would get me something that would last. I've always liked the Frost River packs - I use an LK70 when going to the woods, but the waterproofing inside that is...
  20. snozz

    Roof tent Advice

    I'm looking at roof tents to go on a Mitsubishi Delica - this sort of thing Any tips / words of caution / things to look for? Also, any makers to look out for? Cheers Snozz