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    Japanese Digging knife

    I came across this curious tool while searching out a site I thought it might be of interest to bushie plant foragers Dave.
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    Aldi outdoor gear

    Just a heads up on a few bargins at Aldi next week starting on thursday Dave.
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    Ultimate luxury?

    Came across this while surfing earlier The ultimate bushcraft luxury or folly? Dave.
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    Yesterday morning I was at a local market and found a chopping board made of rubberwood for just £5 I brought it to use as a lap table top for things like sharpening my knives with the lanskey system. It measures 17"x14"x5/8" its an attractive straight grained wood in a light cream colour. I was...
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    While replying to a previous question about knives I came across this machete @ £5 now for that price I wouldn't expect it to be much good obviously, but what I was wondering is if it was possible or worth getting one removing the handle and re hardening...
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    Rope sale

    Just a quick heads up for anyone needing good strong rope field and trek have 9 mm kermantle rope at just 49p per metre Dave.
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    Starter pack

    I found this starter cooking kit in field and trek a great idea for either kids or as a standby kit left in the car boot for the price. Dave.
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    Free Standing Zip bags

    I was looking through the special purchases section of Aldi for next thursday 12.01.06 and item 33 is a pack of 8 freestanding ziplock freezer bags for £1.39. They look ideal for pre made soups stews etc and lighter than cans plus being freestanding less likely to spill...
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    Clamp cleats

    I was searching the net for guy line for my new tarps and came across these things anyone ever used them? I've searched the forum and that came up negative. According to the blurb they look good but there again thats what blurbs for i'd rather go by someone who's actually used them. Thanks guys...
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    Leather thonging

    Just been looking on attleborough acc under just in they have 10x 1metre leather thongs for £2.50 either black or brown Dave.
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    Cheap easy boot mat

    Yesterday I was out and had to sit on the step when I returned to remove my muddy boots.This got me thinking about a mat to clean the bulk of the mud off and I began looking around to see what was available to make one.I found a offcut of 1/2" plywood which I squared up ending up with a board...
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    Chicken recipe

    I came across this recipe while searching on google I think if reduced to one chicken might make a great bushie type meal it has an option for being cooked in fire embers.
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    Fire Pistons

    I've been looking on the web today at fire pistons and fancy having a go at making one is there an ideal maximum inner diameter to the chamber?Also whats the ideal depth of the chamber? Thanks Dave.
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    sleeping bag

    Does anyone know anything about these norwiegian army sleeping bags or owns one?
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    Shaving horse plans

    Came across this site with plans for a shaving horse/bench thought it might make a nice winter project for anyone interested Dave.
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    Not sure if this is the right place for this link but I came across this site selling tools mainly traditional hand tools but much more besides. Not used them myself yet but well worth a look if nothing else. Dave.
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    swedish kuksa

    Does anyone know of a uk supplier of the kuksa's that were made for the trangia army mess kits?
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    Bill Hooks

    I've been looking at a New Bill Hook I found on a site its a double sided blade with a straight axe type blade on the back of the normal hooked edge. Has any one tried using one instead of an axe/machette as a camp chopper? Any thoughts?
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    Side pouch daysack

    Hi All just taken delivery of two side pouches a yoke and two utility straps i've got the pack assembled as I think it should be but can't see why the utility straps have a third half buckle. Help?
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    ultimate survival kit competition

    Saw this free to enter competition on closure date 1/12/05.