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    useful kit you can take on aircraft in hand luggage?

    Hi, all not posted for a while so thought id pose a mind experiment and ask you all your views on useful and acceptable items of the bushcraft / emergency survival type you would consider taking if flying off on holiday (hand luggage only) It occurred to me that one of the possible survival...
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    heads up sorel thermoplus innerboots only one pound £!

    Heads up to folk in the north west uk the Columbia store at the Cheshire oaks outlet village/centre are having a closing down sale. looks genuine as stock is quite depleted but they are selling off kit with big discounts as this store is in an outlet village so already does discounted end of...
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    best way of making a blowpoker?

    I just picked up a 1m length of aluminium tube at b and q. its 8mm diameter with a 5mm diameter hole through the middle.i am thinking of making a blow poker for use with kelly kettle, swiss volcano stove etc. What does anyone think? is this suitable material? what have others used? what length...
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    heads up iodine tincture for water purification reduced

    Just to say that despite the european ban there is some( presumably old stock) bottles of "travel essentials" branded tincture of iodine for water purification being sold off for £1.99 in "mountain warehouse" prev. £4.99 I cant find it on the website but the store in bowness on windemere had...
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    swedish mess kit

    I just bought a swedish camping messkit marketed as a "camp a kit" It has a box used as a messtin, a kukska, folding cup, kfs, and a cruet (salt/pepper shaker) My question is this:- The cruet/salt/pepper container has three compartments.Each has shaker type holes for outlet.One compartment is...
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    help with reprofile svord peasant

    I just bought a wood handled svord peasant. I like it a lot and would like to use it as my ever day carry.However measurement tells me that it is a bit too big. (blade length approx 3" and edge length approx. 3 1/4". I have seen posts of people regrinding to achieve compliance. Is there anyone...
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    why a billhook?

    i notice that quite a few people on the forums seem to posess/use a billhook. Are there different types? what are their uses? where can they be obtained? Any links or images particularly welcome.