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  1. ESpy

    Blacksmithing EBook

    For those who want to learn a wee bit more about how to go about blacksmithing without access to the "proper" tools - as I've demoed at a couple of the moots - there is a PDF of "Basic Blacksmithing - An introduction to toolmaking with locally available materials" online. My understanding is...
  2. ESpy

    Draw knives

    For amusement value the other day, I made myself a drawknife. Cut the tangs, ground an edge on, bent the tangs at heat (with the occasional tap to straighten them out), HT'd the beast and banged some file handles on. It is a bit rough & ready, but it functions. Does anyone have any tips on...
  3. ESpy


    FYI - gives me a directory structure... Easy enough to sort ;)
  4. ESpy

    Primitive skills sites

    Don't think I've seen this covered before: Others?
  5. ESpy


    I'm going to have to remove some ash in the near future, and I'd quite like to make use of it. I've got two ideas right at the moment - hammer (and axe, I guess) handles and spear hafts. Am I better off working with a piece that starts out more or less the right diameter, or is it better to...
  6. ESpy

    Steel Land Rover wheels

    As above... Anyone got a bog standard set languishing anywhere?
  7. ESpy

    Compass problem

    Here's one I haven't seen before: I have 2 Suunto RA-69s. I've had them for some years... One of them is fine, but on the other, the liquid in the capsule has turned blue/green and cloudy, making the thing all but unusable. There is no apparent damage to the capsule. Has anyone else...
  8. ESpy


    It looks as though there are a fair few people around this neck of the woods - Andylaser, Lithril, Blankfisherman, possibly Bushwackerscott, myself... Anyone fancy getting together one evening in a pub? I realise it is indoors and everything, but we could slum it... :-D Doesn't even have...
  9. ESpy

    Gelled alcohol, the maximum effort method

    Right... Rehashing this from the hobo stoves thread: Simply take... About 250ml of strong vinegar (pickling is good, distilled white is usually a bit weaker). Some eggshells (about half a dozen), washed & lightly crushed. Alternatives include marble, chalk or any other source of calcium...
  10. ESpy

    Oh deer

    I've just been given a heads-up on some venison. Sometime in the near future, my wee brother should be bringing me some over - in the form of one gralloched carcass. I haven't dealt with anything this large before - any tips?
  11. ESpy


    In order to upset the local squirrels, I've just gathered up a moderate number of acorns. I've boiled them to soften the shells, shelled them, brought the result up to the boil several times (fresh water each time), washed them and they're now drying in the oven. Anything I should be...
  12. ESpy

    Artificial Tinders

    More of an idea for a kick-about thread than anything else. What do people like to use for man-made tinder? By "man-made", I mean either commercially sourced, or had to be made up at home. I'd therefore be inclined to include charcloth in that description. So, off the top of my head -...