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  1. leealanr

    Sold Outhaus Landie Tent for sale

    Hi All. I have a new and unused Outhaus Landie Tent for sale. Link is here. I have gone another route and so this is urplus to requirments. Outhaus are out of stock of them i see, so if you want one, you will have a wait I believe. These cost £200 new so £160...
  2. leealanr

    Sold Wynnchester canvas Bed roll

    Hi All. I have been a member for years, but work has taken me overseas for quite a long time, so I havent been active in a while. Next week I am driving back to the UK from Serbia to take one of my daughters to University. I will be bringing back lots of kit that I just do nit get to use...
  3. leealanr

    "Baker" style, Canvas campfire tent, unused, made by Firebreather on SOTP forum

    Dear all, in December 2013, I was tested and subsequently diagnosed with Throat Cancer. I have been in the UK since then undertaking treatment. Overall the prognosis is very good, but unexpectedly the length of time it is taking to recover is far greater than was ever envisaged...
  4. leealanr

    Stealth Gear clothing

    I was at "Cley Spy" recently. had never heard of the company before, they are very close to the RSPB reserves at Salthouses on the North Norfolk coast. They had a range of clothing I had not heard of before called Stealth Gear. Jackets and trousers etc, mainly...
  5. leealanr

    Duluth Pack, northwoods, Leather and Canvas pack

    I have for sale a Duluth Northwoods pack, details as per this link to Duluth pack It is in excellent condition and i bought it in summer 2013 (second hand) and have not used it. I paid £175 for it. I would like to move it on and so will...
  6. leealanr

    Threads dispalyed upside down!

    Hi. For some unknown reason when I click onto a thread I seem to get the last post first and the first post last! How do I alter it please so that I can read the start of a thread first and not back to front! If you know what I mean! Regards. Alan L.